The 6th Annual Fake News Awards

January 27th, 2023 SHOW NOTES AND MP3: And now, from an undisclosed location deep beneath the Earth’s surface, it’s the 6th Annual Fake News Awards! Shining the spotlight of ridicule on the dumbest disinformation, the silliest smears and the most ludicrous lies of the mainstream media dinosaurs of the past year! Which presstitutes will walkContinue reading “The 6th Annual Fake News Awards”

7 FAKE NEWS stories coming out of Ukraine

Feb 27, 2022  Kit Knightly We’re only three days into Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, and yet the propaganda cogs are whirring fast as lightning, churning out “news”, opinion and content grist for the media mill. In just the last 48 hours dozens of stories, images, narratives and videos have circulated as being taken fromContinue reading “7 FAKE NEWS stories coming out of Ukraine”


ABC News Australia recently did a video on the COVID crisis actors and the videos of them flooding social media. The media spins the truth of some into conspiracies for others. 3 min video:

AP Forced to Issue Correction on Fake News About Ivermectin

by Paul Joseph Watson September 8th 2021 Falsely claimed 70% of calls to Mississippi Poison Control Center were about ivermectin. The Associated Press was forced to issue a correction after it falsely claimed that 70 per cent of calls to the Mississippi Poison Control Center were about people ingesting ivermectin to treat COVID-19. The actual numberContinue reading “AP Forced to Issue Correction on Fake News About Ivermectin”