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The Conscious Resistance Network 2.5

You want to join people like you?

TCR is the moment you recognize that being free goes deeper than just seeing the problems in the political arena. Consciously Resisting means being willing to engage in self-reflection, and pursuing knowledge of the self. Without knowing our own doubts, hopes, fears, dreams, insecurities and strengths we can not truly know what freedom means to us as an individual. To become conscious, and aware of ones actions is one of the most important steps towards claiming your own freedom.

Motto: “Leading by example and helping others in their pursuit of Freedom.”

We are powerful. Full of power. Our power is an ever-flowing spring. It can never dry out. This power is the source of our creativity and love. I truly believe this is the first essential building block of knowledge that can help us remember who we are.

Our predicament is that we are programmed, both internally and societally, to channel that power in ways that don’t generate positive feedback loops. We drain it to systems, corporations, addictions, and governments that suck it, building blockages to our aforementioned “ever-flowing spring”. These blockages fuel monopolies that don’t feedback to the collective, and to nature. In our personal lives, it is what blocks us from fully sharing and reciprocating love, and ultimately abundance.

When we look at the ways our power isn’t flowing naturally, starting from within our own habits, lifestyles, and relationships, we chip away what isn’t allowing ourselves to cycle energy freely, for the empowerment of everyone and everything around us.

This to me is the way we are helping to awaken the people on this planet. Starting from square one. WE are power. I withhold the desire to change the external as a means to address the internal. It starts with us, and what we CAN do with where we are at. That involves allowing ourselves to practice authenticity in every area in our life.

But remember, this authenticity will ultimately shake the foundations of blockages that people around us are attached to. This will make us vulnerable to the reactions of others and our society at large. Our entire society’s way of life is built on maintaing these blockages. This is why many who have gone down this path either get bribed by the corporate world, abandoned by friends and family, visited by intellegence agencies, and/or sometimes killed. It’s no joke to be authentic on the deepest level, and be unhindered as you express that outwardly. It’s a risk, but a risk that becomes easier to face over time as you build common ground with others doing the same thing along the way.

This is power in numbers. This is how combining our power can, and has many times throughout history, overturn inauthentic, monopolistic, and violent systems. Ultimately, these systems will naturally dissolve as we come into alignment with our authenticity individually and build relationships based on authenticity, on every front.

I choose to remember I am powerful, and I pray that you do as well. This is how we are “taking back our power”. I say that in quotes because I think it’s important to recognize that we already have it.

Full circle:
We are Powerful.

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