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We are being played

The ”Elite” has always sought to divide us along the lines of race, religion, class in order that we will fight among ourselves. It makes it so much easier for the Elite to control the masses. This strategy goes back thousands of years and is generally known as “divide and conquer” or “divide and rule.”

The fact is all races, classes, religions — humans — have been getting it up the keister for decades. From my parents generation (the Great Generation), to the Baby Boomer Generation to the Mellenials, Generation X,Y, Z, there has been a decline in wealth, income and security for all of us: Black, White, Brown. All of us. But like a bunch of idiots we attack the police when we should be attacking the ”Elite”.

At the top of that pyramid you have the Rothschild’s and Rockefeller’s who formed the Federal Reserve in 1913, financed the United Nations, were responsible for Marijuana Prohibition beginning in the early 1900’s. Now they want you to become slaves under the UN’s One World Government. Lower on this pyramid are the “flexians” such as Bill Gates and George Soros. Bill wants to chip you like an animal and force you to get his vaccines in the wake of the Plandemic. George is out to destroy your cities through anarchy and you government as well. Ultimately he wants so much anarchy that a Global Police Force will be brought in to maintain order.

You also might want to research the “Strong Cities Initiative” that Obama began pushing during his 2-term administration. “Strong Cities” is part of the UN’s Agenda21 and Agenda2030. He wanted a globalized police force. He wanted a global government.

In conclusion we are being played by a Divide and Conquer Strategy that various elites have used to control the masses for thousands of years. We are in the midst of the 4th Industrial Revolution right now where the elite wants to control all of us: through mass surveillance, 5G infrastructure, tracking us through biometric ID and and mass vaccination for population control. (Bill Gates).

This is no time for us humans to get played.

Praying for peace and taking action is very necessary right now.

We need to all think clearly and operate from a place of unity and love…..that’s how we foil up their plans. They want us scared and divided. They don’t want us powerful and we are powerful when we are empowered with knowledge and we work together with love and respect.

And just so you know, people are waking up all over the place! There is a big movement around the world to stop this! And it is growing every day!


I believe love & truth always wins in the end. It is going to get messier before it gets better, but truth will win in the end. Stay strong, keep your vibrations high, and radiate love. That’s what the world needs. We all need to raise our vibes, one person at a time.

I am here to support people if they need it.

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