Canadian Police for Freedom Demand Criminal Investigations for Covid Crimes

  • Dr Mark Trozzi
  • April 19, 2022

A detailed report and demand for criminal investigation into federal and provincial authorities

Police for Freedom is an international organization of active duty and retired police as well as other emergency service professionals and citizens. The organization formed in response to the covid-19 crimes against humanity with the intention of returning the rule of law and human rights to society.

Police for Freedom has a Canadian division with chapters in multiple provinces. My home province of Ontario’s chapter is headed by my respected friend and ally Vincent Gircy.  

Police for Freedom Canada has directed a detailed 88 page letter to Manitoba Police Forces demanding and justifying (in detail) a criminal investigation into Public Health officials in Manitoba for alleged covid-19 crimes. The letter is very enlightening and contains details of law,  police oath and duties, Health Canada statistics, and an extensive appendix of government and scientific documents.

The alleged perpetrators are not limited to but include:

  • Dr. Teresa Tam;
  • Dr. Joss Reimer;
  • Dr. Brent Roussin;
  • Dr. Jazz Atwal;
  • Johanu Botha;
  • Don Leitch;
  • Brian Pallister;
  • Heather Stefanson;
  • Scott Johnston
  • Sarah Guillemard
  • Audrey Gordon
Undisclosed Members of the following Manitoba Government Task Forces:
  • Vaccine Task Force
  • Vaccine Medical Advisory Table
  • Collaboration Tables
  • Covid-19 Coordinating Committee
Council Members of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba (CPSM):
  • Dr. Jacobi Elliot
  • Dr. Nader Shenouda
  • Dr. Brett Stacey
  • Dr. Daniel Lindsay
  • Dr. Chris Penner
  • Dr. Kevin Convery
  • Dr. Mary Jane Seager
  • Dr. Norman McLean
  • Dr. Wayne Manishen
  • Dr. Ravi Kumbharathi
  • Dr. Heather Smith
  • Dr. Eric Sigurdson
  • Dr. Roger Suss

The alleged crimes are:

  • misfeasance in public office
  • misconduct in public office
  • conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm
  • conspiracy to administer a poisonous and harmful substance to cause severe injury & death
  • gross negligence manslaughter
  • corporate manslaughter
  • corruption
  • fraud
  • blackmail
  • murder
  • conspiracy to commit murder
  • terrorism
  • genocide
  • torture
  • crimes against humanity
  • false imprisonment
  • multiple breaches of The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • war crimes
  • multiple violations of The Nuremberg Code 1947
  • multiple violations of the Criminal Code of Canada
  • other crimes which will be determined by the police investigation

Reader please note that this demand for criminal investigation is focused on Manitoba, and so the alleged perpetrators are mainly in Manitoba. However, similar allegations would equally apply to parallel persons in positions in other provinces.   

Here are a few highlights form the document:

  1.  This report does not rely on “expert opinion” to assert a position. This report uses the actual numbers as presented by the Government, and these statistics prove that the pandemic narrative is false, and that the people who perpetrated the false narrative knew it was false.
  2.  “the intent of the report is to provide the police with enough information to establish the requirement for a criminal investigation. Further, as the actions of the various governments and government authorities are continuing and in some instances, these governmental actions are continuing to cause serious harm to various individuals throughout Canada, we anticipate and request the police obtain immediate injunctions against the government to suspend any of these ongoing activities that further harm both individuals and our society as a whole. The injunctions should remain in place until such time as the investigation can be concluded.”

The full document is very well written, easy to read, and informative. Access it here.

We have been involved in other actions requesting or demanding police in Canada to maintain their sworn oathsserve and protect the people, upholding the highest laws in the land, and apply the law equally to rich and powerful, including the political class.

So far we have been sadly disappointed; it appears no significant police action has been taken against any of the Canadian perpetrators of the many covid-crimes-against-humanity. If the police in Manitoba do not launch a serious investigation into these detailed criminal allegations, they will blatantly be violating their oaths and neglecting their duties for all to see. In that event   we will have to recognize that the police in Canada, like the governments, medical regulatory bodies, and many other institutions, have lost all legitimacy, and no longer serve the people nor enforce the law fairly and equitably. We will recognize that we are on our own and must band together, in the corrupt and failed state that was once Canada.

Let us pray that the police in Manitoba heed this report from Police For Freedom. They will lead the way for Canadian police to return the rule of law and human rights.

If they do not, then they have lost all legitimacy, and we must face the fact that Canada is a failed and corrupted state. We will strategize to survive, defend ourselves, and oust the criminals occupying our governments and institutions.  

There are many more great resources at Canada’s Police for Freedom.


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One thought on “Canadian Police for Freedom Demand Criminal Investigations for Covid Crimes

  1. This has already been tried in the UK, and the government pressured the Metropolitan Police Force to drop the investigation. None of the criminals has been charged or arrested. Rather, they receive government honours and elevation of status, while the rest of the population suffers. There are only two ways this will end – violent revolution, or the God of heaven and Earth will intervene and let the psychopaths be caught by their own cleverness. Already this latter strategy is happening as leaders find that covid-19 is coming back to bite them personally.


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