State Power and Covid Crimes: Part 5

BY RAMESH THAKUR  JANUARY 6, 2023  HISTORY, LAW, PUBLIC HEALTH  6 MINUTE READ SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL The ease with which the majority of people slipped into compliance with lockdown restrictions was a distressing surprise. The acceptance of facemasks in community and children’s school settings was a disappointment. Governments’ success in turning Western liberal democracies into citizen-informant states was bothContinue reading “State Power and Covid Crimes: Part 5”

Canadian Police for Freedom Demand Criminal Investigations for Covid Crimes

Dr Mark Trozzi April 19, 2022 A detailed report and demand for criminal investigation into federal and provincial authorities Police for Freedom is an international organization of active duty and retired police as well as other emergency service professionals and citizens. The organization formed in response to the covid-19 crimes against humanity with the intention ofContinue reading “Canadian Police for Freedom Demand Criminal Investigations for Covid Crimes”

BUSTED! Media Crimes Exposed

12 march 2022 Shocking whistleblower confessions, leaked video footage and secret recordings expose extreme crimes by media. With Project Veritas, Charlie Chester from CNN, Udo Ulfkotte, Julian Assange from WikeLeaks, and more… video: