There are many signs that this is a big hoax

Feb 1st 2022

  1. When you enter a restaurant, you need to wear a mask. As soon as you sit down to eat, you can take it off ( – see bullet point #3). There is no single virus that solely hovers at an altitude of 1.50m and above or double-checks whether someone is eating/drinking before choosing that person as a host.
  2. The goalposts regarding the vaccine’s efficacy are constantly shifting ( We all remember that self-proclaimed experts such as Fauci and Drosten claimed to achieve herd immunity against a respiratory virus (LOL!) at a vaccination rate of 60%. Now, the countries with the highest vaccination rates suffer from the highest number of cases. Surprise, surprise!
  3. There is no robust scientific evidence that masks work ( However, there is much evidence that masks harm those who wear them ( And yet, people in many countries have to wear such masks throughout the whole day – even outside. This raises the suspicion that they are primarily used to gag us and serve as a daily reminder that we are in the middle of a “deadly pandemic”.
  4. The majority of the experts presented in the media have substantial conflicts of interest, such as being funded from the Welcome Trust, the Gates Foundation or Big Pharma ( Independent scientists with dissenting opinions are pigeon-holed as dangerous heretics.
  5. Big Tech bans dissidents who question the official narrative. I, for instance, have been removed from social media platforms for spreading “dangerous misinformation about Covid-19”. There is nothing dangerous about facts about viral evolution, the efficacy of Ivermectin, or citing my own vitamin D publication (
  6. ). Worse still, it is currently being debated to ban alternative social media, such as Telegram, as it provides a platform for “dangerous” alternative opinions ( The truth is that we are a danger to their narrative and that is why they are fighting us.
  7. There is no single need to vaccinate young people or children that are not exposed to any risk of becoming seriously ill. The narrative that “they need to get vaccinated to make sure that the vaccines of others work” is a mixture of illogicality and absurdity. Alternative treatment methods such as using Ivermectin have been fiercely criticized by so-called “experts” from the beginning, even though the body of evidence was already overwhelming back then (
  8. Politicians never cared about our health; otherwise, they would long have enlightened us about the importance of vitamin D, physical exercise, a healthy diet etc. It speaks volumes that the first thing they closed were sports clubs while locking us up at home so food delivery companies could flourish. Obesity is associated with a much higher risk of hospitalization ( And yet, many obese politicians argue for compulsory vaccinations instead of using a treadmill. Well done, hypocrites!
  1. Airports open up new dimensions of madness. Even though one needs to “socially distance” before the flight, people get entirely crammed together for hours during the flight. Then, as if these things were not crazy enough, everybody needs to wear a face diaper on the flight despite having a required negative PCR test. The entire plane is then allowed to take their masks off when the beverage cart passes by but are requested to put them back on right after.
  2. Many countries implemented obligatory curfews, which prohibited people from leaving the house after 8 p.m. A night-active virus – so bright it can tell the time.
  3. The fact that healthy (Orwellian newspeak: asymptomatic) people need to quarantine is beyond sanity. Back in the time (in my case, the 90s), we were forced to go to school as long as we could still walk. Nowadays, children aren’t allowed to go outside for weeks because they got close to a person infected with a common cold virus. Using this logic back then, I could have skipped class forever.
  4. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the idea of asymptomatic spread is nuts and unscientific. It made people terrified of each other, and, for the woke, every person became a potential threat. The early studies that supported asymptomatic spread turned out to be #fakenews, but they are still used to justify discriminating against healthy people.
  5. Seasonal influenza miraculously perished in March 2020. There were zero cases in a majority of countries. Meanwhile, the death numbers per inhabitant showed no extra mortality. The hoax of “died with covid” enables the statistics required for spreading fearporn.
  6. The first indications of Covid-19 were Chinese people falling over while waiting for the traffic lights to change in Wuhan. The second signs were the censorship of MDs, scientists and virologists providing a different perspective. Meanwhile, the first pictures from Bergamo, Italy, showed hundreds of stacked coffins allegedly Covid victims. Later it turned out that these pictures were from Lampedusa. Hardly any medium rectified that hoax.
  7. In 2009, the definition of pandemic changed. Excess mortality was no longer needed, both WHO and CDC declared. In 2021, the definition of being vaccinated changed. Function immunity was no longer needed, protection and mildness instead. However, the players behind these redefinitions were the same.
  8. Vaccines do neither prevent infection nor transmission, yet they make them compulsory to do things like go shopping for essentials.
  9. It is odd to send Covid-positive nurses back to work due to shortages caused by firing unvaxxed nurses. It simply does not make any sense that unjabbed peeps are being turned away from hospitals when the hospitals are full.
  10. Triple vaccinated are still wearing masks!
  11. 99.9% survival rate for most of us.
  12. People are routinely banned from social media for posting statements that conflict with the narrative. The “rules” are never clearly stated, change randomly, and are applied unevenly. This ensures that everyone is guilty and can be acted against whenever they become inconvenient.
  13. If you’re Antifa or a BLM demonstration participant, you won’t catch Covid. Such protests and gatherings are to be encouraged. If one addresses this issue on social media, the only reply is “WHATABOUTISM”.
  14. Used masks are not treated as toxic waste. You can throw your used and dirty masks in the trash or a parking lot. No special care is needed for deposing them.

Cheers and still remain sane,
Dr. Simon


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