They don’t care if people die

Son of Opioids: Big Pharma’s Deadly Covid-19 Playbook

Dr. Pierre Kory gives a clinic on big pharma’s capture of mainstream media, big tech, medical journals, and governments. “They don’t care if people die.”

Michael Capuzzo october 27, 2021
Don’t forget to sign up for the FLCCC Weekly Update free webinar for life-saving Covid tips & news every Wednesday at 7 p.m. EST. On October 20, Dr. Pierre Kory exposed big pharma’s media-government disinformation campaign, including Dr. Anthony Fauci adding to the mountain of media lies about IVM here, “He’s the medical misinformation-in-chief,” Kory says.

Dear RESCUE Readers:

Before we get to Dr. Pierre Kory’s astonishing breakdown of how big pharma is achieving greater profits and deaths (see 5:20-26:00) during the covid pandemic than even the opioid epidemic, Teresa and I want to thank you for your enthusiastic, worldwide embrace of RESCUE. This week a global community of heroic doctors, patients, journalists, and folks on every continent are rescuing one another with ivermectin and other repurposed covid-killing generic drugs—and beating the insane propagandists and censors to do it—like never before, asDr. Justus Hope documents.

Some good news in that regard: Our investigative reporter Mary Beth Pfeiffer, who exposed the horse-dewormer hoax launched by the FDA, The New York Times, and The Washington Post (and forced their corrections) that swept up Joe Rogan among its propaganda victims, just got out of Twitter jail, a week after her blockbuster report on Horse-Bleepwent viral including a Dr. Joseph Mercola report on “Secret Documents Reveal FDA’s Attack on Ivermectin.”

This is also to remind you to reserve your free seat for the most entertaining and life-saving Covid-killing hour on (internet) TV every Wednesday night at 7 EST. It’s theFLCCC Weekly Update webinar, hosted by ex-CBS News correspondent Betsy Ashton and starring Dr. Kory, president of the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance. Think of it as the real 60 Minutes, reported not by reporter-pharma shills but by the actual doctor-scientists who led the discovery of the best treatments for all stages of covid-19, including corticosteroids and ivermectin, and continue to lead the world, as if they are your doctors in a private ICU. Kory, a powerhouse thinker and storyteller, weekly hosts his top doctor colleagues around the world, including his mentor Dr. Paul Marik, in penetrating discussions and audience Q & A about everything from the latest covid treatments to how to find a doctor to prescribe ivermectin and bully a lawless pharmacy into coughing up the pills.

After forty-nine years as a journalist for hire (starting at age fifteen for The Westwood Press in suburban Boston), I’ve been amazed to watch Kory and Ashton reinvent broadcast news as surely as they are reforming medicine. In addition to vital information like new ivermectin and early treatment protocols that have helped Teresa and I save family and friends, a couple things especially surprised me about the Weekly Update:

First, the immediacy is stunning. At the webinar you join thousands of people around the globe who issue a never-ending stream of hellos and thank-yous and later, incisive questions, from all corners of the Earth. It’s a warm, excited, hopeful community and a grateful and nearly ecstatic audience as they listen to Kory and the other doctors, who give them the feeling that someone in the world is listening to their cries of, “Is there a doctor in the house?” In my experience, you go to sleep that night thinking you’re doing the best for yourself and your family. You’re part of a like-minded community facing a historic moment in our history, and you are certainly not alone. Like this: (Excerpt from a recent chat transcript).

16:54:54 From Betty Bolter To All Panelists: Hello from Aurora, Ontario.

16:55:02 From Nancy Schultz: We need you now more than ever! Thanks for keeping me positive here in Minnesota!!

16:55:02 From Wendy Hoy: Hullo, from Brisbane, Australia

16:55:03 From Yusuf Saleeby: Hello from beautiful Charleston, SC

16:55:05 From Wendy Lodge: Aloha from Maui, Hawaii

16:55:08 From Anita Downs To All Panelists: Hello from Virginia Beach

16:55:09 From Patty Sullivan: Ottawa Canada fighting for our rights

16:55:14 From Yulanda Tross: hello Brooklyn, NY

16:55:17 From Susan L: Hi to all from Washington D.C.

16:55:18 From Marla Hall: Hello from Knoxville, TN

16:55:19 From Michael Mauldin To All Panelists: Hi, Betsy. Warren here in NYC. I have a quick & simple question for Dr. Marik regarding the application of Povidone-Iodine nasal drops…

16:55:19 From Feisal Mansoor: Hi from Sri Lanka

16:55:20 From Mike Usry To All Panelists: Hello from Big Canoe, GA

16:55:21 From Maureen Murphy To All Panelists: Boulder, CO

16:55:21 From Jann Breslin: Howdy …. Dallas TX

16:55:23 From Chuck Jones: Cheers from TX!

16:55:23 From Monica Norris To All Panelists : Hello from Anderson, SC

16:55:24 From Lisa Tracy To All Panelists: Hi Lisa from Westerville Ohio

16:55:24 From Sandia Sawin: Macon, Ga here!

16:55:26 From Kelly Johnson To All Panelists: Hi from Pasadena, CA!

16:55:26 From Tavie Agama To All Panelists: Hello from London!

16:55:27 From Cristina Benedetti: Hi all, From Vancouver Canada 🙂

16:55:28 From annette krinke: Greetings from North Dakota

16:55:30 From Peter Minuk To All Panelists: Hi from the angry Canadians in Toronto…we think vaccine passports suck as much as Justin trudeau

16:55:30 From Carolyn Davidson To All Panelists: Hello from Alabama

16:55:30 From KIT JONES: HOWDY, from Fort Worth TX

From Marjorie St. Clair To All Panelists: Oregon loves the FLCCC

16:57:07 From Bizarro World: @karin Krakover–another St. Louisan! Good to know there’s someone else here who knows about FLCCC

16:57:09 From Karen Kolberg To All Panelists: Hello from Milwaukee! So appreciate FLCCC and team.

16:57:11 From Maureen Hartnett To All Panelists: We love Ivermectin! It even resolved my bursitis and chronic pain! Has anyone else had that effect? It’s amazing!

16:57:12 From John Levandoski: hello from GA👮‍♂️

16:57:13 From Susan L: Kim Brasure–how is the covid tyranny in Delaware

16:58:40 From Susan Kunin To All Panelists: Jacque – who are likeminded in Nashville?

16:58:43 From Tamra Hansford: Got my Ivermectin sweatshirt today – love it!

16:58:44 From Jackie Carey: Helll from RN in Scranton Pennsylvania

16:58:44 From Vivian Stuart: Blessings FLCCC Alliance Family, Sending Greetings From Charlotte, NC

16:58:45 From chris turnbull To All Panelists: Hi from sydney australia…now a penal colony again

16:59:41 From Jelena Ristic To All Panelists: Love to all the FLCCC crew…every single one of you! Don’t know what we’d do without you! ❤

16:59:41 From Nick Maynard: So many more folks than this time last year. CRAZY BUSY. The nonsense is melting around the edges at least

16:59:42 From Tracy Marinello To All Panelists: Hello Truth Seekers!

16:59:43 From 敦司 久野 To All Panelists: Hello from Japan Kyoto.

16:59:43 From Vina Morros To All Panelists: Hello from Santa Rosa Beach , FL

16:59:45 From Debra Swank: Hello from the Appalachian mountains of Elkins, West Virginia

The Weekly Update also clubs you over the head with realization that with the complete collapse of ethical mainstream media into “pure propaganda for big pharma,” as Kory puts it, journalists have lost touch with reality. The true storytellers of the covid-19 pandemic, in addition to a handful of brave journalists like Mary Beth Pfeiffer, are doctors like Kory and Marik, “the 500 doctors who saved the world,” as Dr. Peter McCullough, who is certainly one of them, said recently.

Dr. Kory and his guests not only research and write leading peer-reviewed papers on covid but actually treat and save thousands of covid patients whom they know by name, in the real world of medicine, unlike Dr. Fauci and his abstract world of administration and propaganda appearances. Between the robotization of many doctors as government anti-treatment drones and the banning of treatment news and views from social media, the Weekly Update has information you can’t get anywhere else. Kory routinely breaks news, such as his revelation last week that he and other doctors have treated between one hundred and two hundred members of Congress and their families with ivermectin, and his remarkable news analysis last week of how big pharma greed is killing millions with a more advanced version of the opioid playbook: “The Global Campaign to Suppress and Censor Repurposed Drugs in Covid-19.” (To repeat, see 5:20-26:00).

I was invited on last week’s show, Wednesday, October 20, “Censorship of Science is Horse-Bleep,” with Dr. Kory and investigative reporter Mary Beth Pfeiffer to discuss the No. 1 issue prolonging a needless pandemic today, which is censorship. Kory’s slideshow was a tour-de-force revealing the roots of censorship by “detailing the worldwide campaign, which stretches across countries, agencies, nations, to suppress repurpose drugs.”

The big pharma war against ivermectin and other early treatments for covid is really a long war against repurposed drugs, Kory said. “It’s not just ivermectin, it’s all repurposed drugs, he said. But “Who would want to do that?” he asked. “Why would anyone want to suppress information about repurposed drugs?

“Repurposed drugs are those that are off-patent, they’ve been approved for other uses, and you might find they work in some novel disease or in a new indication. And those are anathema to pharmaceutical companies…Absolutely one of the main marketing and profit behaviors of pharmaceutical companies is really to destroy repurposed drugs, and they’ve been doing this for decades. What becomes unconscionable is that they’re doing it in a humanitarian crisis and a pandemic.”

The financial incentive for a never-ending stream of costly new big pharma drugs for an endemic covid-19 is unmatched in history, Kory said. Between prevention, early treatment, hospital care, vaccines, and boosters, “You’re dealing with markets in the trillions of dollars. I don’t think any repurposed drugs in history can stand up to a market in the trillions.” Here’s Kory’s slide on the market of trillions:

Unlike the opioid crisis, media censorship is the main driver of the big pharma covid strategy. When Dr. Kory realized that the FLCCC was not only fighting an unprecedented virus, but perhaps the largest media disinformation campaign in history, he became a student of disinformation.

“Censorship has to be understood in the context of what’s called disinformation,” he said. “Misinformation is what we’re (at the FLCCC) accused of, which is propagation of false information about a medicine or a vaccine if it’s truly false.” But “disinformation” is propagated by “those who are trying to counter correct information or science because the information is convenient to their corporate interests. And there are numerous examples of this over the decades.

“Disinformation was invented by the tobacco industry,”Kory continued, “and they practiced it over fifty years and were highly successful. To say they wrote the book is not an overstatement.” Like this:

Kory highlighted “infamous examples of disinformation campaigns” by big pharma, including Purdue Pharma partnering with academic centers to hide the dangers of opioids, and railed against the ongoing opioid corruption that has led to a needless apocalypse of deaths.

“The opioid epidemic. Does anyone remember the opioid epidemic?” Kory asked. “The epidemic before this pandemic? That was completely pharma induced. Hundreds of thousands of lives were lost. They don’t care. They don’t care if people die.”

Kory said he graduated from high school in 1988, when perhaps one classmate in high school would die each year, usually from an auto accident. Now a handful of high school students die from opioids in each class, and it’s presented as the “new normal,” Kory said. “But it’s not normal.”

Other notorious big pharma disinformation campaigns included “Vioxx, they knew it was causing heart attacks,” Merck “suppressed it,” and “Glaxo Smith Kline with Avandia,” a diabetes drug shown to cause a serious heart attack risk. Brain injuries in the NFL “were the most recent disinformation…they went after these scientists. They tried to dispel the notion that these poor football players were all dying of traumatic encephalopathy.” Here’re a few more big lie campaigns from Kory’s slideshow:

Kory said all five time-honored disinformation tricks—The Fake, The Blitz, the Diversion, the Screen, and the Fix—are now employed against ivermectin and other repurposed drugs for covid, but the old big pharma playbook has grown far more ambitious and deadly, encompassing many of the Western world’s major institutions. “They’ve pushed the envelope,” he said. The medical journals uniformly censor big pharma to an “absurd” extent, only publishing and retracting articles to support big pharma and attack repurposed drugs. “And then you realize how captured our country is, even in a pandemic. These government agencies cannot do enough to promote for-profit drugs at the expense of non-profits.”

He said the most alarming trend of all, and the biggest change, is mainstream media censorship beyond anything in modern history. The BBC, The Associated Press, Agence France-Presse, the Canadian Broadcasting System, Facebook, Google/YouTube, Microsoft, Reuters, Twitter, The Washington Post, and others have united in a censorship cabal to “outlaw discussion of the science” of ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and any treatment that is a threat to the vaccine policy, Kory said, and justify it by mischaracterizing world-renowned scientists as frauds.

They call it, with Orwellian irony, the Trusted News Initiative. Dr. Kory calls it “the f-ing trusted news initiative.”

“The amount of lying that we’re absolutely accepting has just been crazy,” he said. What does censorship look like? Here’s the mainstream media censorship club that crushes life-saving treatment news and science debate:

Censorship also looks like this policy warning the FLCCC receives from YouTube, owned by Google, that no positive mention of ivermectin will be permitted:

Kory touted a new book by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health, which will be released on November 16. Kory read an advance copy.

“I think this is a game changer,” he said. “I think the world before this book and the world after will be completely different. This book is absolutely tremendous. It traces all the things that any of us who have been a close student or a critical thinker of how this pandemic has been mismanaged and how many untold deaths have been happening and how it’s out of control. You’ll get to see how and why all the major actors, they’re…not acting with scientific interests. They have other financial and policy interests. It’s very clearly spelled out, with twenty-two hundred references.”

The “most disturbing” part of the book, he said, is how big pharma interests and unconscionable media “killed hydroxychloroquine” last year. It was the first major repurposed drug threat to big pharma profits, Remdesivir, and even the vaccine emergency use authorizations, and the media bombed the drug with endlessly repeated lies. They defamed a very safe drug with billions of doses taken and no cardiac toxicity at standard doses, and covered up more than 200 studies in the United States, China, France, Italy, Iran, India, and Brazil showing life-saving efficacy in early covid treatment.

Kory remembers fighting covid on the frontlines last year when the U.S. government restricted HCQ to hospital use, which “made no sense,” as the government knows that HCQ is an anti-viral effective against covid in early home treatment and keeping people out of the hospital—and by the time a patient is hospitalized it would do no good. The WHO ran twenty trials on HCQ, and in every trial used “insane” and “near lethal toxic doses” that only allowed hospital use, when no benefit and only harm could accrue. Dr. Anthony Fauci “cancelled and stopped early treatment trials of hydroxychloroquine,” Kory said. “They did not want to use it early because they did not want it to be effective, and if you think this is conspiracy it’s extremely well-documented.”

Kory said he “didn’t even know” the “amount of insane actions” to destroy a life-saving drug documented in the book. “I’m still trembling from reading this chapter.”

Kory’s talk is a head-spinning breathtaking indictment of the leaders of global public health during the pandemic, including government agencies, medical journals, and media. It would sound impossible if he didn’t document it so thoroughly, and if it wasn’t coming from the highly published former professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison medical school and one of the top academic and frontline covid-19 doctor-researchers in the world, who helped develop the most effective treatments for all stage of the disease.

“This is the country we’re living in,” Dr. Kory concludes. “These are our leading agencies and how they want us to treat covid. ‘Don’t use anything to prevent. Don’t take anything as an outpatient. Well now they have monoclonals. But otherwise don’t take anything until you turn blue, and when you get there (to the hospital), we’ll give you a tiny dose of steroids and watch you die. And then long-haul please go to your local academic medical center so you can suffer endless referrals to idiot sub-specialists who know nothing about how to treat this disease.’”

If it seems grim, Pierre Kory feels your pain every Wednesday at 7 p.m., and you sign off knowing that a good doctor, and many thousands of other people worldwide, are awake and doing something about it.


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