This disease is highly preventable and highly treatable

Florida Summit on COVID 11/6/2021 Dr. Pierre Kory speaking at the Florida Summit on COVID in Ocala on Saturday, November 6. According to Dr. Kory, “this disease is highly preventable and highly treatable.” The key is to seek treatment early, upon first symptoms. Kory speaks to the fact that there are lots of early treatmentContinue reading “This disease is highly preventable and highly treatable”

They don’t care if people die

Son of Opioids: Big Pharma’s Deadly Covid-19 Playbook Dr. Pierre Kory gives a clinic on big pharma’s capture of mainstream media, big tech, medical journals, and governments. “They don’t care if people die.” Michael Capuzzo october 27, 2021 Dear RESCUE Readers: Before we get to Dr. Pierre Kory’s astonishing breakdown of how big pharma is achievingContinue reading “They don’t care if people die”

200 Members Of Congress Treated With Ivermectin By Dr. Pierre Kory – Joe Rogan

Horse paste cures Congress?BY JEREMY PORTEROCTOBER 26, 2021 The liberal media has done a fantastic job spinning the narrative that the only way to fight COVID-19 is to get the vaccine even though it technically doesn’t work. Still, the media, including giants like CNN, blasted any person who went against the narrative or the cruelContinue reading “200 Members Of Congress Treated With Ivermectin By Dr. Pierre Kory – Joe Rogan”

Sen. Johnson and Dr. Pierre Kory on the impact of censorship in fight against COVID-19

The truth about ivermectin. Yes fauci is being used as a scapegoat, good riddance to him, and there will be more taken down. Also discussed big tech and msm censorship. The cracks are starting to show.