The Most Terrifying Conclusion From the Twitter Files That Everyone’s Ignoring

We can look at the attacks by our government on the 1st Amendment and know things are bad. But there’s a darker revelation that’s even more concerning.

JD Rucker

Dec 30, 2022

Let’s cut to the chase. The latest batches of Twitter Files revealed what many of us have known with a near certainty for a long time. Government and their proxies have been censoring American citizens by ordering Big Tech companies to do it for them. This is a clear betrayal of the spirit of the 1st Amendment at the very least and is likely worthy of legal action. The only reason I say “likely” is because for people in and out of government to be criminally convicted, it would all have to go through the judiciary. In other words, it would likely go nowhere despite the fact that laws have been broken prima facie.

But while conservative media is busy discussing the ramifications of censorship and the near certainty that both the last two elections as well as the Covid “vaccine” rollout were dramatically impacted by illegal actions taken by members of our government, there’s actually a far more troubling takeaway from all of this. For the various misinformation operations to have gone unreported by anyone in or out of government and media, that means an unfathomable number of people have been aware at the least. Many have been directly involved and we’re just getting confirmation of it now.

To put it into perspective, many lambasted Hollywood for keeping the open secret for decades that Harvey Weinstein was a rapist. For him to continue to do what he did meant hundreds if not thousands of people were aware and did nothing about it. That was shocking and many of us attributed it to the demonic nature of Hollywood itself. Now take that level of coverup and magnify it exponentially. That’s the implication of the Twitter Files. The coverup is so huge that I’m convinced the reason so many in conservative and alternative media are ignoring it because the scale is too massive for them to comprehend.

It took someone who could spare tens of billions of dollars to reveal that there are at least hundreds of thousands of Americans who were aware before the Twitter Files were released that our 1st Amendment rights are being subverted. Employees at Twitter, Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and likely dozens of other Big Tech companies were aware. Apparently tens of thousands of employees at government agencies were actively involved in this censorship in some form or fashion. Thousands if not tens of thousands of people associated with NGOs were aware.

Once you add in friends and relatives of these people we can say with a certainty that hundreds of thousands of Americans knew. It may actually be over a million.

A direct attack against the United States Constitution is being waged by our own government and nobody with a voice was willing to obey their oath as American citizens until Elon Musk came along. Nobody. Sure, there may have been whistleblowers and conscientious objectors along the way, but none of them were able to break through to the masses. This isn’t an indictment of government’s influence. It’s an indictment of the powers of the Deep State. The federal government is incapable of coordinating anything for longer than 10 minutes before cracks start showing up. The Deep State can coordinate massive campaigns for decades and if it weren’t for Elon Musk, this campaign may have continued indefinitely.

But here’s the thing. Even Elon Musk has not been able to break through to the masses. The corporate media silence on the biggest story of the year tells us it’s far, far worse than just an attack on our rights by hundreds of thousands of American citizens. Every institution of truth has been subverted from the media to academia to the Department of Justice and all of the supporting industries. It is impossible for this to have happened… and yet it did.

That tells us we’re in huge trouble and only God could possibly turn this around if He wills it. Nobody wants to hear this, but the truth is we are incapable of defeating this enemy. Why? Because this isn’t just government. It isn’t just the Deep State. I believe that for this size of an operation to have remained hidden for so long would require demonic Powers and Principalities. If that’s true, and I’m nearly certain it is, then the forces of Satan are controlling things in Washington DC and have been since before Joe Biden was in office. Maybe they’ve been controlling it since before Trump was in office. Maybe, just maybe, they’ve been controlling things the whole time. That’s what I’ll be discussing on today’s episode of The JD Rucker Show at 7:00 am Pacific..

Show Notes

Ten Major Revelations Exposing Extent of Government Pressure on Big Tech to Censor Americans

Article by Nick Givas from Just The News.

  1. The FBI set up a command center in San Francisco in fall 2020 that forwarded censorship requests from bureau headquarters to social media platforms.
  2. The FBI succeeded frequently with social media firms when it forwarded censorship requests, including content posted by Americans.
  3. Federal agencies also partnered with contractors to ensure certain content was policed and censorship, creating a degree of separation.
  4. Homeland Security officials took part in weekly meetings with Twitter executives as the 2020 election approached.
  5. Homeland Security knew Twitter had second thoughts about censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story.
  6. Whistleblower memos show DHS downplayed plans for a “Governance Board” to fight “misinformation.”
  7. FBI paid Twitter $3.4 million as part of its disinformation monitoring
  8. Federal agencies launched a coordinated campaign to discredit stories about Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings.
  9. Federal agencies also impacted Americans’ debate over the COVID-19 pandemic, at times censoring factually accurate posts at odds with the government’s preferred narrative.
  10. What’s next? Congress is investigating how far reaching federally sanctioned censorship has become, including at platforms beyond Twitter.

The FBI Won’t Name Other Social Media Companies It Pays

Article by Cindy Harper from Reclaim The Net.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has refused to indicate the exact social networks it has paid. This follows recent revelations verifying that the bureau paid Twitter at least $3.5 million.

Representatives for the FBI already spoke to Fox News and said that the substantial Twitter payment was a “reimbursement” for expenses and costs of its requests. The representatives indicated that the payment was to compensate the social media platform for acting in accordance with legal “requests.”

The FBI stated that the group had compensated social media platforms beyond Twitter as well. The news network requested the names of other companies that the FBI had paid for these purposes. The federal agency, however, was not willing to provide further information regarding the matter. The representatives did say, though, that the FBI has to offer reimbursement for any and all reasonable expenses that tie in with the acquisition of information that is essential for legal processes.

“While we are not able to speak to specific payments, the government is required to provide reimbursement for reasonable expenses directly related to searching for, assembling, reproducing, or otherwise providing the information responsive to the legal process. This requirement is set by federal law and the courts are the final arbiters of what is reasonable compensation,” the FBI officials said.

Of Course Every Big Tech Company Is Controlled by the Deep State and It’s Worse Than Elon Musk Admits

One of the bad parts about being in the world of “conspiracy theories” for the last couple of years is that I often think something is common knowledge when in reality it’s a bombshell to most people when they hear it. Such is the case of Elon Musk declaring that all social media companies are controlled to some degree by the U.S. government for the sake of censorship.

Most people don’t appreciate the significance of the point Matt was making: *Every* social media company is engaged in heavy censorship, with significant involvement of and, at times, explicit direction of the government. Google frequently makes links disappear, for example.

Musk’s assessment, while being a shock to many, is actually quite mild compared to reality. His emphasis on “every” is a given. He said the censorship is heavy, but it goes beyond censorship. The algorithms Big Tech companies use can amplify or suppress content and users with the push of a button, meaning government-approved narratives are amplified while counter-narratives are suppressed.

Musk also claims it’s being done at the “explicit direct of the government.” This is also just part of the picture. The Deep State is both in and out of government and their reach is both explicit with influence over Big Tech employees as well as secretive in their direct control. The Twitter Files give us a glimpse of communications coming from official government agencies and their affiliates, but it doesn’t show us how the Deep State has direct backdoor control over much of what we see. Perhaps Musk doesn’t even know this is going on. We would hope that if he did, he would reveal it soon. Of course, doing so would put him at great risk.

This is more than just pushing the government’s universal vaccination agenda. It’s more than just stealing elections. It’s more than just pushing climate change hysteria. The real damage done by the Deep State’s control over Big Tech is in herding the people toward a state of compliance through manufactured outrage. They keep the tribes separated in their echo chambers so both sides on any particular debate feel they are winning. This helps them to keep the compliant, which mostly encompasses the political and cultural left, all aligned while separating out the non-compliant on the ideological right. This will make them easier targets when a future stage of their plans is set in motion.

Kim Dotcom had a similar but more precise take on the situation.

Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft have betrayed you. To protect their monopolies they sold you out to the deep state. Their products and services are used to spy on you and to manipulate you. Big Tech are co-conspirators in some of the biggest crimes against humanity.

Without a corrupted media and big tech the evildoers can’t deceive or manipulate you. Their non-stop lies and censorship have been exposed. The deep state attacked and censored the truth. Their ability to do this in the future must be destroyed. We must end the deep state.

While the people are busy fighting each other, we’re not paying any attention to what the Deep State and their globalist cronies are doing to us all.

Worse Than Censorship: Four Realities of the Twitter Files World

  1. Censorship is just a small piece of the puzzle. The real damage is done through the narrative-control psyop that bends the will of the masses. While most believe they are immune to such manipulation, literally everyone who participates in the digital information world is being indoctrinated. Most are being pushed into the groupthink, which is why we have tens of millions of Americans who were shocked by the results of the midterm elections but only a tiny percentage even entertaining the possibility that the elections were stolen. Those who are aren’t accepting groupthink are being herded into a separate category of dissent. These people will be monitored now and vilified in the future to be purged from society one way or another.
  2. Elected officials don’t have much of an impact on the activities of the Deep State. We know this because the Deep State was operating unimpeded through both Donald Trump’s and Joe Biden’s watch. In fact, the foundation for the modern iteration of Operation Mockingbird was laid when Republicans were in control of the House, Senate, and White House between 2017-2019. In other words, we can’t vote our way out of this informational tyranny.
  3. If at least hundreds of thousands if not millions of Americans were aware of the attacks against our freedoms and did nothing, what does that say about our ability to fight back? If not for Elon Musk these bombshells would have remained as speculation. Now that we know for sure that this is widespread and somehow being kept completely in the dark, we must take this as our “John Doe has the upper hand” moment.
  4. God’s plan is perfect. We do not know how things will go as we are rushed to the end, but we do know the ending of the story itself. With every victory such as the release of the Twitter Files, we’re dealt a sobering defeat in the realization that the conspiracy is bigger than most imagined. But we must not fret. We must not curl up into the fetal position and accept that we cannot win. We go forward knowing that God’s plan truly is perfect and therefore the role we are allowed to play in its fulfillment is a blessing no matter how bad things seem along the way. We fight the good fight and spread the truth. Everything else is what happens between here and Heaven.


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