A List of Post-Vaccination Resources – Help Us to Help You


This article is a collection of resources, worldwide, which aims to help those who have been injured by “vaccines,” suspect they or someone they know has been vaccine injured or are concerned they are at risk of vaccine injury. 

Information in this article is NOT intended to serve as a substitute for diagnosis, treatment, or advice from a qualified, licensed medical professional. Any treatment protocol you undertake should be discussed with your doctor, physician or another licensed medical professional. Seek the advice of a medical professional for proper application of ANY material listed in this article.

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We know that there are numerous resources available covering varying and multi-disciplinary aspects for vaccine injured covering anything from legal advice to community support to detox guides.  We cannot hope to collect them on our own.  So, if you are aware of any reliable resources that would be helpful, please share them in the comments below this article and we will update our list from time to time to include them.  This article will, therefore, hopefully, be an ever-growing list of resources. Thank you to our readers who have contributed to this list thus far.

When you share a resource, please briefly describe what sort of information it provides so others who read your comment can easily assess if it is the help they seek. Please also note whether the resource is country-specific, and if so which country, or worldwide.

Bear in mind that if you share a resource under a post that is not on one of our pages then we will not see it.  The most helpful way to share your resource is as a comment under this article on our website – not only for us but so others can see it irrespective of the social media platform they use.

Share Your Story

  1. Real not Rare HERE
  2. No More Silence HERE
  3. Covid Vaccine Injuries HERE
  4. Adverse Reaction Report (Video) HERE
  5. Adverse on Odysee (Video) HERE.

General Help and Support

  1. People’s Health Alliance HERE
  2. UK CV Family – Covid Vaccine Injured HERE.

Spike Protein Detox and Treatment Protocols

  1. C19Protocols – Post-Vaccination Protocols HERE.
  2. FLCCC Alliance – I-RECOVER: Post-Vaccine Treatment HERE.
  3. World Council for Health – Spike Protein Detox Guide HERE.
  4. Brave Survival Episode 6 (subscription only, free for a limited time) – Learn about the top protocols and treatments that world-renowned experts are currently using to treat vaccine-related injuries VIDEO HERE.  Find out more HERE.
  5. Unbreakable Series Episode 7 (subscription only) – Discover expert insight into the treatments and protocols you can follow to regain your health post-vaccine and detox your body from their gene-altering technology. Find out more HERE.
  6. Herbal Stuff n Things – Dandelion Inhibits Spike Protein Bonding (2021 study) VIDEO HERE.
  7. Orthomolecular Medicine News Service – Cancelling the Spike Protein HERE.
  8. Dr. Rima Laibow, Open Source Truth – The Spike Protein eBook, Read and Download HERE.

DNA Repair

  1. Dr. Henry Ealy, America out Loud – DNA Repair, Yes, It’s Possible to Heal from the Shots PODCAST HERE.

Graphene Detox

  1. The Exposé article – Zinc Inhibits Influenza Virus, Covid and Helps Our Body Detox from Graphene HERE.
  2. The Exposé article – How to Remove Graphene Oxide from The Body HERE.
  3. Dr. Louisa Williams, Wise Traditions – Detox from The Shot And Shedding PODCAST HERE.
  4. Dr. Ariyana Love – Detox Protocols for The Vaxxed and Unvaxxed HERE.

General Advice and Tips

  1. Spikeshot Detox, and Treatment for Covid-19 Spikeshot Injuries PDF HERE.
  2. Dr. Alan Goldhamer – Healing Disease with Water Fasting and a Plant-Based Diet VIDEO HERE.

Autopsy Protocols

  1. Steve Kirsch article – The tests to assess whether a death was caused by the Covid vaccine HERE and Dr. Burkhardt’s protocol for autopsy HERE.


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Spike Protein Protocol 

Glutathione (most important for body detoxification) or better
NAC = N-Acetyl-Cysteine 600-750mg (causes the body to produce glutathione itself)
Astaxantin 5mg (also improves vision)
vitamin D3
Milk thistle (also liver and stomach protection)
Melatonin 1mg to 10mg (against 5G)
Alternatively CDS/CDL and zeolite

Dr. Zelenko’s Protocol contains Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), Zinc, Vitamin D3, and Quercetin.


How to find the truth :

Search engine: https://presearch.org/, https://search.brave.com/, Searx (choose the server that you want) or https://metager.org/
Videos: www.odysee.com

Facebook style: www.gab.com or https://www.minds.com/


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