Deaths in English Care Homes: The Evidence is Clear, Its Democide


Excess deaths not “involving” Covid are almost as high as those “involving” it.

We were alerted today by a care home resident, reporting a substantial rise in resident deaths amongst those who were not moribund.

I cut my teeth on Covid mortality analysis in the care home sector way back in April 2020 but haven’t looked at it at all in the last few months so I thought I would investigate.

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By Joel Smalley, 24 May 2022

It turns out that this anecdotal report was an alarm that should have been investigated by the “authorities” but for some reason, has been completely ignored. Looking at your Care Quality Commission (CQC) since the data is collected by you.

Just by looking at all-cause deaths and deaths involving Covid-19 on the same chart, it is apparent that all-cause has risen since July 2021 whilst deaths “involving” Covid have remained insignificant.

However, looking at the first-order differential (the change in weekly data), we can see a strong correlation between the change in all-cause deaths and the change in deaths “involving” Covid.

The autumn 2020 deaths involving Covid are insignificant but there is a sudden spike in both data sets, week ending 1 Jan 2021.

I understand this time of year is a high period of mortality due to the Xmas and New Year festivities but I don’t think this is the case for care homes.

It is also the week that care homes began the Covid vaccinations in earnest. Interestingly, all-cause mortality peaks before Covid which causes a second peak two weeks later. This fits with the hypothesis (that has been tested and proven many times) that the vaccine has a dual mode of fatal action – it kills in its own right and induces Covid mortality too.

It is difficult to determine the dislocation between the two data sets by observing the first-order differentials.

However, if we assume around 1,900 deaths per week is the expected number (average weekly deaths of summer 2020 before vaccines were forced upon the nation and also the period March to June 2021), we can plot cumulative excess deaths against cumulative deaths “involving” Covid and the dislocation becomes very apparent.

In fact, we observe that between summer 2020 and summer 2021, there were around 24k excess deaths in English care homes, of which almost 21k “involved” Covid. This leaves around 3k non-Covid excess.

However, since summer 2021, there have been a further 23k excess deaths, of which only 6k “involved” Covid. So, if it wasn’t Covid, what is the cause of these 17k excess deaths?

Perhaps it was neglect? I don’t think so, as we should have seen this manifest gradually just as it appears to have done in the previous period.

As usual, then, we really only have the elephant in the room again to consider – the not so safe or effective “vaccine”.

You have to wonder why the CQC bothers collecting the data. Do they analyse it? It’s not the most difficult analysis to do? It took me half an hour to do the analysis and write this post.

The failures in Public Health are beyond appalling.

The democide will only stop when the families of those who died unexpectedly demand justice. The evidence is clear.


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