“Shocks are Coming”: Nicole Schwab Wastes Everyone’s Time Discussing The Great Reset

By Rhoda Wilson on

“Shocks are Coming”: Nicole Schwab Wastes Everyone’s Time Discussing The Great Reset

Sorry for making you want to puke on a Saturday but some things have to be seen to be believed.  Here is a clip of Nicole Schwab, daughter of the notorious Klaus Schwab, talking utter b*ll*cks – inventing creepy phrases in an attempt to make their followers feel a little bit better about being psychopathic misfits.  She comes across as unhinged – if your father was Klaus Schwab the outcome could be no different, you’d inevitably turn out to be batsh*t crazy.

*Author’s note: I apologise for the language, these words are entirely my own and not those of The Exposé, but there is simply no other way of describing what you’re about to see.

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Nicole Schwab is the Founding Director of the Forum of Young Global Leaders, Co-Founder of EDGE Certified Foundation and Co-Head of Nature-Based Solutions and a Member of the Executive Committee of the World Economic Forum.

Speaking at an InTent roundtable in June 2020 Schwab talks about The Great Reset, a “new humanity” dubbed as a “restoration generation”, “business actors” and warns “shocks are coming.”

“I come back to this shift in mindset of the restoration generation. Can we conceive of ourselves as humans — I mean, you talked about a new humanity… Can we conceive of ourselves as a restoration generation?

“I’m also hopeful that it’s possible, but I think it will take a lot of will, both political will but also in terms of the business actors, to break with business as usual… And this is about risk, and it’s about risk, and it’s about resilience because the shocks coming are going to be even worse if we don’t do it now.”

https://videopress.com/embed/LG4J1UNF?cover=1&preloadContent=metadata&useAverageColor=1&hd=1 InTent: Nicole Schwab “The Great Reset”, June 2020 (2 mins)

Further reading: Klaus Schwab’s daughter wants governments to use COVID policies for climate change, The Counter Signal, 29 April 2022


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