AIDS-Like “Chronic Covid” is Taking Over Europe, Australia and NZ

The Boosted Cannot Clear Covid Easily and Keep Getting Reinfected

Igor Chudov Apr 9 2022

This article will explain exactly why endless Covid reinfections happen, and the dangerous consequences that they lead to, based on recent scientific advances.

What’s happening?

When Omicron appeared around December of last year, the powers-to-be in most Western countries found themselves in a situation of mass vaccine failure, where a Covid variant Omicron, about infectious as measles, was spreading like wildfire, while at the same time evading vaccine immunity.

So, the clever solution was to abolish containment altogether, wish “illness and death” on the unvaccinated people, and hope that the vaccinated world gains “herd immunity” while enjoying relatively low mortality.

Unfortunately for them and for us, things did not work out this way. Hospitals are overwhelmed by the vaccinated. Endless Covid short term reinfections, plaguing the UK and the rest of the Western world, are sliding towards “Chronic Covid”. Herd immunity is enjoyed only by unvaccinated countries.

Chronic Covid is a situation where the vaccinated cannot develop natural immunity, cannot quickly clear infections, and remain ill and infectious for extended period of time. Such repeat infections progressively damage their immunity to the point of not being able to clear Covid at all. That would lead to people being chronically infected, infecting others, and overwhelmed with toxic Covid viral proteins, while remaining immunosuppressed.

Igor’s Newsletter

UK: Covid Becoming CHRONIC, like AIDS, and Will Take us Down

I would like to discuss very disturbing statistics from the UK, that clearly shows that Covid is becoming a chronic disease, in the same sense as AIDS is a chronic disease. Covid, for many Brits, is an illness that will just not go away. Endless bouts, recurrence, or even never-ending disease, is now the norm and not the exception, and will lead to a ca…Read more16 days ago · 293 likes · 438 comments · Igor Chudov

This article describes scientific mechanism and shows why this is happening. Using three recent studies, I will show that

  • The vaccinated cannot develop “natural immunity”
  • The boosted cannot clear the virus quickly upon infection
  • Covid virions invade and damage monocytes, the blood cells providing immunity, due to Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE), leading to gradual destruction of the immune system. Sars-Cov-2 also infects immune T-cells.

Natural Immunity and Original Antigenic Sin

Myself and many amazing substackers, including El Gato Malo and Eugyppius, wrote many articles pointing at the likelihood that the vaccinated cannot acquire proper “natural immunity”, like unvaccinated people do, due to so called Original Antigenic Sin, or “immune imprinting”.

Please note that another notable substacker, Brian Mowrey, disagrees with us. I am providing a link to his article just for completeness, however here Brian and myself disagree.

We finally have a well done scientific study, showing OAS in neatly presented form, based on meticulous scientific research.

This is not the place to give this very important Cell article full attention. The point to take out is that vaccinated persons do NOT produce a full immune response to any variants that they are infected with, instead producing useless Wuhan antibodies that did not even keep them from getting infected.

This is the main reason why the vaccinated get reinfected so often. We spoke a lot about it on substack, but finally have a scientific confirmation.

Slow Viral Clearance in the Boosted

Another groundbreaking article shows not only that “Covid vaccine” does not prevent infection, but also that the boosted remain infections and Covid positive for extremely long times after apparent resolution of their symptoms.

You can see here that the boosted participants, despite appearing to resolve their symptoms, remain infections FAR LONGER and still show high viral loads (Ct < 30) even at day 9. Mind you, CDC said that they can end isolation at day 5. Well, we know how that worked out, but such a long viral clearance is extremely concerning. It shows that despite resolving the symptoms, the patients remain ill, infected, and infectious! What other virus does it? That’s right, HIV. The symptoms go, but the virus stays.

This also, incidentally, explains why the boosted have so many heart problems and pulmonary embolisms around day 10 of their illnesses. The other, less visible result of that is extended damage that Covid does to their immune systems.

Please understand how abnormal this is: the boosted immune system stops “symptoms”, such as fever, without actually clearing the virus completely. This represents an immune failure to do the most basic job of the immune system: to clear the virus. The symptoms stop, but the virus persists for quite a bit longer, doing its damage without opposition.

Vaccine Antibodies Enhance Destruction of Immune Monocyte Cells via ADE

The worst part of my article is contained in this section. It turns out that the dreaded “Antibody Dependent Enhancement”, or ADE, finally found a scientific confirmation. It turns out that some Covid antibodies help “breakthrough infections” infect and destroy so called monocytes, which are blood cells responsible for many functions of human immune systems.

What the article is saying is that antibodies facilitate infection of monocytes by Sars-Cov-2. This infection leads to death (pyroptosis) of infected monocytes, leading to inflammation, severe symptoms, destruction of monocytes and damage to the immune system. Read John Paul’s article for more details.

Killing off monocytes with each infection is unlikely to work out well if reinfections are tightly spaced together.

Note also that, strangely using the same LFA-1 protein as HIV, Sars-Cov-2 also invades and kills T cells. So we have damage to monocytes and also damage to T cells, occurring with each reinfection.

Igor’s Newsletter

Sars-Cov-2 Kills T-Cells, Just Like HIV

Is Sars-Cov-2 airborne HIV? Two days ago, an interesting article came out: This article was not written by a bunch of random scientists, but instead was written by people from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, including the infamous batwoman Shi Zheng-Li. Just keep this in mind. It was originally submitted in Sep 2021 and revised in January 2022, so it d…Read morea month ago · 291 likes · 248 comments · Igor Chudov



So, in summary we have original antigenic sin inviting first several reinfections. These reinfections might seem mild outwardly, but fail to clear the virus for up to 9 days. The result of each reinfection is progressive damage to monocytes and the immune systems.

All of this is in addition to numerous reports, much discussed in my and others’ article, that mRNA vaccination itself is damaging to the immune systems. Some people even use term VAIDS to describe such immune problems. I explained this term in my article two months ago.

How will it end up? I am not sure if it will end up well. I hope it does. It may actually end up with mass fatalities. I hope for as few as possible but dread that it could be very many.

It happens across the entire heavily vaccinated world. In the UK, for example, 1 out of 13 people is having Covid right now. It is the same for all UK countries so here’s England:

The cases are still sky high

And the UK is becoming slightly dysfunctional also:

And this is how Chronic Covid may end:

Igor Chudov 🐭 @ichudovUK: Covid Becoming CHRONIC, like AIDS, and Will Take us DownBye Bye, “Vaccine Immunity” and “Hybrid Immunity”.igorchudov.substack.comApril 10th 2022


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