Farmers block Canada-U.S. border at Coutts, Alberta

Thousands of supporters have been kept away from the Coutts protest by RCMP and are staged 20km up the road in Milk River.

Farmers block Canada-U.S. border at Coutts, Alberta

Farmers, in solidarity with the ongoing trucker protest taking place at the major border crossing between Alberta and the United States have moved in with heavy equipment and tractors to completely obstruct the border with Montana.

BREAKING: The farmers have blocked the border in Coutts.

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The farmers just blocked the border in Coutts, Alberta.

We will continue to bring you live updates as this develops.

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The moment farmers decided to shut the highway down, lanes were open but now both directions have been blocked off.

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Thousands of supporters have been kept away from the Coutts protest by RCMP and are staged 20km up the road in Milk River.

The big rigs are rolling for freedom at the RCMP blockade just outside of Milk River, Alberta.

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The truckers have been protesting at the border since January 29 as part of a nationwide convoy movement to end vaccine mandates and COVID restrictions, where a massive crowd of 100,000 truckers and their supporters converged on the nation’s capital Ottawa. Despite a recent police crackdown, most demonstrators have vowed to stay in place until pandemic restrictions end.

Before this can be spun by MSM, here is 2 American truckers now stuck – enjoying coffee and cookies.

They feel good about this, as “it’s for your freedom too brother” – Coutts trucker.

Help the truckers in their legal defence at— K2 (@kiansimone44) February 8, 2022

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