Senate Medical Affairs Committee listens to testimony about therapeutic COVID treatments

By Lauren Adams Published: Sep. 16, 2021

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) – The Senate Medical Affairs Committee heard testimonies Wednesday from citizens who have concerns over the way South Carolina is handling therapeutic options for COVID-19.

The main message from those who spoke is to encourage the committee to investigate further guidance on treatments like ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and monoclonal antibody treatments.

Representative Stewart Jones of Greenwood and Laurens counties testified that he’s spoken with doctors in his area who told him they’re getting guidance from the CDC and DHEC that does not allow them to treat patients with therapeutic COVID treatments.

Jones said he’s spoken to many COVID patients who say those treatments work.

Another speaker, who was unvaccinated, said he contracted COVID and was the sickest he had ever been in his life. He testified he took ivermectin and recovered. He said his five friends who had it who didn’t take ivermectin ended up on a ventilator and later died.

“I took hydroxychloroquine and felt better the next day,” Herb Seigler said. “My wife was in a downward spiral and hydroxychloroquine fixed her in two days.”

However, DHEC says ivermectin hasn’t been approved by the FDA as a treatment for COVID and there are dangers to using them.

DHEC also says small studies show there are no medical benefits to using the drug.

DHEC and the CDC send out health alerts to physicians warning them about the dangers of using such treatments.

When asked why the committee was entertaining comments about ivermectin and other treatments to being with, a chairman responded saying, “to gain knowledge and to serve the people of South Carolina to the best of their ability.”

The Senate Medical Affairs Committee will meet again next week and ask medical professionals about all the questions that were presented.


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3 thoughts on “Senate Medical Affairs Committee listens to testimony about therapeutic COVID treatments

  1. The FDA hasn’t approved the Johnson and Johnson or the Moderna vaccine either but they continue to use it with far worse results and unknown long term side effects. The long term side effects of both HCQ and Ivermectin are very minimal and well documented and even if those drugs have not been used for the treatment of Covid in the past whats the difference? They are doing an unauthorized clinical trial on these vaccines right now on an unsuspecting public. They are making these non approved experimental gene therapy drugs mandatory. Why not let the people choose what they want to use? A Nobel prize winning FDA approved safe widely available affordable drug? Or some gene therapy with unknown side effects? Russian roulette?


  2. Do you think it odd that the CDC, a private corporation that is not a govt agency, demands that physicians NOT use treatments that work but demand that patients submit to an untested gene modification therapy that the CDC admits has killed over 10,000 Americans?


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