The Covid-19 Vaccines have harmed and killed more children in the USA than all other vaccines combined according to official data


New figures from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) show that children are suffering after having a Covid-19 vaccine, with many severely ill, disabled, and in some cases, dead.

From January 1st 1991 to November 30th 2020, a month before the first Covid-19 vaccine was given emergency use authorisation in the US, there were only a total of 6,068 deaths recorded (mostly infant babies) due to all available vaccines. (source.)

But as of September 10th 2021, over 3.1 million injuries have been recorded in VAERS due to the Covid-19 vaccines, alongside 80,337 emergency room visits, 60,565 hospitalisations, 19,210 permanent disabilities, 15,012 life-threatening events, and 14,925 deaths.


This means there have now been more than twice as many deaths recorded shortly after people received a Covid-19 vaccine, during the 9 months since the Covid-19 vaccines were given emergency use authorisation, than deaths recorded following all other available vaccines in the last 30 years.

There have also now been 1,614 recorded foetal deaths following pregnant women receiving a Covid-19 vaccine despite no pregnant women taking part in a single clinical trial for any of the Covid-19 vaccines. (source)

A search of the VAERS database shows that there have been zero foetal deaths following pregnant women receiving an influenza vaccine during 2021, and there were just 16 foetal deaths following pregnant women receiving an influenza vaccine in 2020. (source)

Yet authorities are still continuing to recommend that pregnant women get a Covid-19 vaccine.

The latest VAERS data published 10th September 2021 also shows how children; who are at virtually zero risk of suffering serious illness due to Covid-19, are suffering due to the Covid-19 vaccines. There have been 21 deaths, 77 permanent disabilities, 2,019 emergency room visits, 942 hospitalisations, and 165 life threatening events in children under the age of 17 because of the Covid-19 vaccines.

But another search of VAERS for reports made against all other available vaccines from 1st December 2020 to 20th September 2021 shows that there have been just 1 death, 10 permanent disabilities, 51 emergency room visits, 26 hospitalisations, and 9 life threatening events among children between the ages of 12 and 15. (source)


This means the Covid-19 vaccines have caused 21 times more deaths, nearly 8 times more disabilities, 40 times more emergency room visits, 36 times more hospitalisations, and 18 times more life threatening events among children under the age of 17 than all other available vaccines combined.

Another search of the VAERS database for thrombosis (blood clots), a known side effect of the Covid-19 vaccines, shows that there have been 91 reports made against the Covid-19 vaccines in people between the ages of 12 – 20 up to the 10th September 2021 (source). The same search for all other available vaccines shows just 4 cases of thrombosis have been recorded (source). Meaning cases of thrombosis are 23 times higher among teens who’ve had a Covid-19 injection.

The above figures should serve as a warning to parents in the United Kingdom whose children are about to be offered the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine thanks to the advice of the Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty, who chose to overrule the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation and advise the Government to roll-out the Covid-19 vaccine to children over the age of 12 immediately. (Read our article – ’13 reasons why you should NOT allow your child to get the Covid-19 Vaccine’)

The Covid-19 vaccines are having a devastating impact on teenagers in the US, but despite this the FDA and CDC are about to approve the Pfizer vaccine for use in children over the age of 5, with Dr Fauci even stating that it may be approved for use in children as young as 6 months old by Christmas.


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8 thoughts on “The Covid-19 Vaccines have harmed and killed more children in the USA than all other vaccines combined according to official data

  1. This is scary information in Australia vaccinating children is very heavily advertised, it’s a difficult decision for parents I am sure. Has anyone seen the the Covid T-shirts being sold on line, my favorite was the one with the picture of the ferrile kid from the movie Mad Max 2, It shows a picture of the kid with the caption “I feel fine!”.


  2. Wow, this article makes a lot of unsubstantiated claims. The link claiming 3.1 million injuries goes to a page that actually says there were about a million reports of injuries including things like “fornication” and “flatulence” and “chest x-ray”. How the heck is fornication or a chest x-ray an injury from the vaccine?


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