After 18 Months, We’re Still Doing ‘The PCR Hustle’


Since the winter of 2020, we’ve been told the world has been engulfed in a ‘global pandemic.’ Is this actually true, or has the entire crisis been driven by one specific piece of research technology which wasn’t designed to be a diagnostic test for viruses?

Dr Sam Bailey explains how the the PCR test is continually being misused and held up by the medical industrial complex as a ‘diagnostic’ test for COVID-19 when in fact it is not. Moreover, the entire pandemic has been based on the fraudulent use of this highly misleading test which only identifies specific molecules and not active viruses. Watch:$/embed/Pcr-Hustle-Odysee/5737b96615b6da6caabbd145b4bcab915a37da5d?r=7UXKDQF5zbuVunsgWDtxgTVkMWvj7Wmk

1. Counties Manukau- What happens to your Covid-19 Test?

  1. Kary Mullis on the PCR:
  2. Celia Farber ft. David Crowe, 7 April, 2020
  3. NZ Ministry of Health OIA request PCR test costs – Ref. H202007128
  4. Australian Covid Medical Network:
  5. NZ’s Covid Leaderboard:
  6. University of Otago – Coronavirus testing – how does it work?:
  7. Otago Biochemistry -How does RT-PCR work?:
  8. The MIQE Guidelines: Minimum Information for Publication of Quantitative Real-Time PCR Experiments:
  9. Planet Waves FM Interview with Stephen Bustin, conducted by Eric F. Coppolino:


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For anyone wondering what the elites at the World Economic Forum are cooking up for the next 2 years you don’t have to wonder what they are :

Spike Protein Protocol 

Glutathione (most important for body detoxification) or better
NAC = N-Acetyl-Cysteine 600-750mg (causes the body to produce glutathione itself)
Astaxantin 5mg (also improves vision)
vitamin D3
Milk thistle (also liver and stomach protection)
Melatonin 1mg to 10mg (against 5G)
Alternatively CDS/CDL and zeolite

Dr. Zelenko’s Protocol contains Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), Zinc, Vitamin D3, and Quercetin.

How to find the truth :

Search engine:
Facebook style:

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