Lawyer Anna De Buisseret: “Deaths From Covid-19 Vaccination Program Fits the Definition of Genocide”


Senior UK Lawyer Anna De Buisseret warned of the untold dangers of vaccinating children and teenagers.

In an interview with Unity News Network (UNN), Senior Employment lawyer Anna De Buisseret discussed the ongoing court case regarding the decision to roll out the Covid-19 vaccines to teens and children.

The senior UK lawyer said: “We are taking it to court, proceedings have been issued for judicial review of the decision to roll out the vaccination to 16, 17, and 12 – to 15-year-old age groups.

Over the past year, De Buisseret has been working with a team of lawyers, both in the UK and internationally, to examine and analyse all of the evidence available regarding the Covid-19 pandemic and the experimental vaccines. The team of lawyers has been working with various campaign groups including HARTCovid19AssemblyWorld Doctors AllianceUK Freedom Alliance; and, Us for Them.

Recently, De Buisseret challenged officers and staff outside a vaccine clinic in Brighton that was vaccinating 16 and 17-year-olds in a video that went viral on Twitter.

Anna compared the injections to the Bell vs Tavistock NHS Trust case whereby it was deemed that children could not consent to the use of puberty blockers which were entirely experimental.

During the UNN interview, Anna said: “I wanted every parent to read the judgement in the Bell vs Tavistock NHS trust which was handed down in December 2020, because yes it talks about puberty blockers, some of the journalists have said ‘oh shes talking nonsense’ but that’s not the point.

“The point is that it’s an experimental treatment, and the puberty blockers were experimental and these injections are experimental, so the analysis is the same. I wanted parents to have a look at that judgement for themselves so that they could see what the court was saying about how children can’t necessarily be Gillick competent.”

The lawyer explained that a child under the age of 18 cannot understand the risks and long-term consequences of taking the vaccine, especially as “none of us know what they are.”

According to Anna, the NHS has repeatedly been in breach of the informed consent procedures and have been taken to court as a result, leading to the court providing them guidance.

“I personally am drafting an affidavit, which at the moment runs to 138 pages to serve on the Malaysian courts as part of a judicial review. That’s being brought there on the same grounds as we’re bringing them over here, which is that we, you know, on the evidence that children should not be injected with this experimental treatment bridge reaches multiple doors.

“I’ve been asked by the Malaysian team to give my expert evidence in the form of an affidavit on the fact that not only are the Malaysian informed consent rules being broken in respect to those children over there but that it’s happening here and indeed it’s happening across the world.”

De Buisseret said that evidence shows that medical ethic codes around the world are not being upheld and multiple laws are being broken both internationally and domestically in every jurisdiction – including crimes against humanity.

“What’s happening around the world, fits the definition as set out in the room statute of crimes against humanity, and therefore, because of the sheer number of people dying, it fits the definition of genocide.

“Whether it’s a bio weapon under the bio warfare provisions is still being drilled down into, but that is being alleged by various legal teams around the world to be occurring as well.”

She said that she is alarmed at the sheer number of people who have been injured or who have died as a result of taking the Covid-19 vaccines and that injecting children with these experimental jabs would be detrimental to society.

As a result, Anna and her team are going to be sending promotional materials to schools, hospitals, putting them on legal notice.

You can watch the full interview with Anna De Buisseret HERE.


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One thought on “Lawyer Anna De Buisseret: “Deaths From Covid-19 Vaccination Program Fits the Definition of Genocide”

  1. Hi

    There is a video interview to be found using the link below.

    URGENT: please watch this shocking video re covid fraud, murder and future intended for ed quarantine Nazis style at this link

    This needs to get BIG air time in my view. It left me very scared

    Direct video link to interview:



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