The truth about vaccines that the CDC doesn’t want you to know

vaccinetruth July 11, 2021

On July 15, 2021, the US Surgeon General called COVID misinformation an “urgent threat.” The White House also is working with social media companies to ban medical disinformation.

But what both Dr. Vivek Murthy and Press Secretary Jen Psaki neglect to say is that the biggest misinformation is coming from the CDC, FDA, and NIH. Those organizations do not want you to know how many people have been killed or permanently disabled by the COVID vaccines. And they want you to believe that early treatments don’t work.

They don’t want you to know that their own data shows that for the alpha variant, vaccination only makes sense if you are over 30 years old and for the delta variant, because it is nearly 7 times less deadly, vaccination makes no sense at all: for all ages, it will kill more people than it will save. Finally, early treatments are the superior alternative: they are proven in practice to have a higher risk reduction and better safety profile than any of the current vaccines. The NIH and WHO are deliberately suppressing this information in order to push the “mass vaccination is the only option” false narrative (breaking with 70 years of established science).

Furthermore, the latest statistics show that vaccination could be making people more susceptible of dying from COVID, not less susceptible like everyone assumes. Is this due to ADE (antibody dependent enhancement)? There is a simple way to find out. We’ve asked the FDA why they aren’t doing autopsies to confirm or deny that this is happening, but they have not answered. This should be baffling to anyone in the medical community how we are not gathering this critical data.

Before publishing this article, we reached out several times by phone and email to Dr. Steven Anderson at the FDA who is in charge of monitoring the VAERS safety signals for the FDA. Neither Dr. Anderson nor his staff would respond to our offers to provide the FDA with the information our team had learned from extensive analysis of the VAERS data. This made it clear to us that the FDA would simply like to avoid having to address all the safety signals we found (we found a lot and they are very significant).

Let’s take a look at the OFFICIAL PRIMARY DATA SOURCE that is used by the CDC and FDA to monitor adverse events caused by the vaccines. It is known as VAERS: vaccine adverse event reporting system.

Do you see anything “unusual” in 2021? 

Normally, once over 50 people die, you’d stop the vaccine. For example, Back in 1976, 9 states halted the swine flu vaccine after just 3 deaths! Before it was halted nationwide, up to 32 people were estimated to have died and over 450 people were diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

But today, the rules have been scrapped. Now there is no limit to how many people can be killed. Nobody in government will call for a halt. We are at 438 cases of Guillain-Barre Syndrome, over 9,000 deaths reported, and 438,440 adverse event reports. This is a clinical trial without a stopping condition.

Because these vaccines are not FDA approved and this is just an extended clinical trial, each and every adverse effect reported must be ascribed to the drug unless proven otherwise. The burden of proof is on the manufacturers at this point to show that these adverse effects were not drug related. They have not met that burden. They haven’t even shown a single death or single adverse event was not likely caused or exacerbated by these vaccines. They are silent. We couldn’t find any events that appeared non-causal either. Nor could anyone else we asked. Therefore, the safest course for the public in the interim, is to assume that all of these events are all related to the experimental vaccines. This would then require the FDA to immediately shut down the trial for safety concerns.

We know there are a lot of people who mistakenly believe that the burden is on VaccineTruth to prove that the vaccines are unsafe. But the FDA rules say that that is not the way causality works in drug clinical trials. If it worked that way, every drug would be approved because there would be no incentive for anyone to invest the resources to prove the adverse events were caused by the drug (or experimental vaccine in this case).

Many people who write articles about VAERS (such as this article on VAERS by Dr. David Katz) claim that there is nothing to see that all the reports are simply “background” events that would have happened anyway, even if the injection were just a saline solution. Yet none of these people have ever actually looked INSIDE the database itself. If they did, they would find that they would be unable to explain the cause of the 9,000 excess deaths.

Can anyone find a single case in VAERS in 2021 where the person got the COVID19 vaccine, died within 30 days, and where the vaccine was not a significant (if not sole) contributor to the cause of death? Please let us know in the comments. We couldn’t find one and nobody we asked publicly on Twitter could find one either. We expect that 2% of the fatality records will be coincidental and not causal. Note that death by suicide right after vaccination is pretty common because people are so despondent on the damage done by the vaccines. This is something that is well known to vaccine victims. Ask yourself: if you were planning to kill yourself tomorrow, would you get vaccinated today?

The mainstream media will NEVER ask the CDC for their analysis of the death data, because it would instantly reveal that the CDC, NIH, and FDA have been lying to the American people since the start of the vaccination program. They’ve known all along that the vast majority of the reported deaths have no plausible explanation other than the vaccine.

Today, we have to rely on uncensored independent sources such as The Highwire to learn the truth. That broadcast reaches millions of listeners. And in the July 15 episode, Del Bigtree is as outraged about this as we are: The VAERS data is off the charts, the vaccines should have been stopped, and NOBODY is asking any questions about any of this. This is an excellent episode we highly encourage everyone to at least watch the first 10 minutes.

Peter Doshi, associate editor of BMJ, and 26 other leading scientists have filed a citizen’s petition to stop approval of the vaccines.

Doctors for Covid Ethics released this statement questioning the risk/benefit case for COVID vaccination.

Even Wired has pointed out that the CDC recommendations are nonsensical. They euphemistically call it “strange math.”

The 9,048 deaths reported and 438,000 adverse event reports in VAERS are likely to be under-counted by at least a factor of 4.5 and possibly by 15x or more, according to a report commissioned by the NIH

Based on multiple independent methods (direct people survey comparing # dead from COVID vs. # dead from vaccine, doctor surveys (COVID deaths, vaccine deaths, # of patients), news stories of 4 BA pilots out of 4,000 dead, and 5 JetBlue Pilots dead out of 3714 pilots), we can make a “best guess” estimate that the death rate from these vaccines is over 1 in 1,500 which suggests that at least 100,000 previously healthy Americans have died.

That estimate suggests that VAERS is under-reported by a factor of 10. So the 438,000 people who reported one or more adverse events translates into over 4.3M people who have been impacted.

When we look in detail into the fatalities by age, we find that if you are under 30, VAERS shows that the vaccines will kill more people than will be saved (see the download for detailed calculation which was done with a 4.5 conservative multiplier).

But the other thing you have to consider is that the 300 to 500 deaths each year on that chart are almost all “background deaths” that are coincidental because people die every day… The actual deaths caused by previous vaccines are typically fewer than 10 per year reported to VAERS per vaccine. So when cases reported into VAERS spikes to over 10,000 death reports in the first 6 months, and the propensity to report hasn’t changed significantly from previous years, it’s very clear that something is very seriously wrong. 

Some people say this is just due to increased “awareness.” But that is easily shown to be false. If you look at the deaths reported from all other vaccines combined, they are comparable in 2021 to other years (166 deaths for all other vaccines in the first 6 months of 2021 which is the background rate). So if we excluded the COVID19 vaccines from the graph above, it would look perfectly normal! No one can explain how this can happen if the vaccines are “perfectly safe” (but if you think you know, please tell us in the comments below).

We have multiple ways other ways to prove there is no excess reporting (e.g., by looking at event counts that are unrelated to the vaccine, e.g., ear aches).

When we take a closer look at the VAERS data, we have multiple ways to prove the COVID vaccines are causing a large number of serious adverse events, including death (we use the Bradford-Hill criteria for determining causality).

To do a quick reality check, we did a public survey (in plain sight on Twitter) and asked people, “how many people do you know who have been killed by COVID?” and “How many people do you know who died shortly after vaccination?” We were surprised: the numbers we basically equal. We encourage you to do this same simple experiment with your friends. The results will shock you because you will see for yourself that the vaccines may have killed almost as many people as the virus.

So when Anthony Fauci said on July 11 that it is “almost inexplicable” that some people resist getting vaccinated you have to wonder how Fauci can be so completely clueless about the safety data that is in plain sight. He should be asking the opposite question: why would anyone want to get the vaccine now when it is more likely to kill them than to save them?

The NIH, FDA, and CDC do not see anything wrong at all. They think this is a perfectly safe vaccine that has killed nobody. Which is very strange because when we looked at the VAERS data we can clearly see a large number of serious event rates that are, in almost every case, more than 10X above “normal.” There is a nice table in the download summarizing this. You can replicate all these queries yourself.

It got us thinking…. wouldn’t it be great if we had a Q&A document that was … honest?

So we decided it was about time that somebody wrote a comprehensive FAQ that didn’t pull any punches and answers all questions honestly.

Questions such as:

  1. How many previously healthy people have been killed or permanently disabled by these vaccines? Could it be more than 100,000? How do we know?
  2. Why aren’t they stopping these vaccines after 50 deaths reported in VAERS?
  3. How did the CDC prove that the vaccines didn’t cause all the neurological and cardiovascular events? It certainly appears that the majority of deaths satisfy the Bradford-Hill causality criteria.
  4. Since analysis of the VAERS fatality data by age and the CDC data clearly shows that for people under 30 the vaccine kills more people than it would save, why would the CDC want to vaccinate anyone under 30? (Answer: because the CDC has no cost-benefit analysis by age that takes into account the VAERS fatality data; there is a reason they don’t show it to you).
  5. If the vaccine isn’t causing any symptoms, then why is there a dramatic difference between the number of events associated with the first dose vs. the second dose? Note: This question is extremely problematic. Nobody at the FDA or CDC can answer that question. And the press will never ask it. They don’t want you to learn the truth.
  6. Will the CDC ever figure out that the vaccines are unsafe and should have been stopped after 50 people were killed? (Answer: that is really unlikely. The are not focused on safety at all. Any competent unbiased statistician who looks at the VAERS data is appalled and the more they look, the more appalled they get).
  7. How serious can these vaccines be long-term? (The answer to this should frighten everyone)
  8. Why is the CDC recommending that women who are pregnant get vaccinated when we don’t have the data on the effect of the vaccine on the baby? Couldn’t we be setting ourselves up for a huge tragedy for the family, the baby, and society? Why not at least wait 9 months to see if the vaccines are safe for pregnant women?
  9. Why does the FDA’s Director of the Office Of Biostatistics And Epidemiology  (Steven Anderson) refuse to even look at the data showing all the adverse events caused by these vaccines? What is he afraid of?
  10. Will anyone in Congress ever ask for the FDA report showing that the vaccine couldn’t have caused any of the deaths reported in VAERS? Why is Congress so afraid to ask for this?
  11. Why is the vaccine causing so many neurological and cardiovascular problems (see our giant table in the document)?
  12. Is there a significant neurological and/or cardiovascular adverse event that is not triggered by the vaccines (Answer: we haven’t found one yet).
  13. How can I treat my post-vaccine inflammation syndrome (PVIS)?
  14. How can I fight vaccine mandates from my employer or school? What did they do wrong in the Houston Methodist case? Where can I join a class action?
  15. Can I get compensated for my vaccine injuries? 
  16. Is this vaccine really more deadly than all of the other 70 vaccines combined in the last 30 years? (answer: Yes)
  17. They claim there are no deaths from the vaccines. How are they categorizing all the dead bodies from the vaccine? (this answer to this one surprised us and it will really surprise you; it was buried in one sentence in a paper that few people have read)
  18. Why haven’t the FDA and CDC investigated the fraud in the Pfizer Phase 3 trial where a 12 year old (Maddie de Garay) became permanently paralyzed less than 24 hours after taking the vaccine? Pfizer reported as a minor event. The FDA knows about the case, promised to investigate, and did nothing. Why? And why isn’t the press asking about the fraud??
  19. Is early treatment a better option than vaccines? Why has the NIH not promoted any of these treatments despite clear and compelling evidence that they work with well over 98% risk reduction?
  20. Why aren’t there any autopsies for people who die after vaccination? Don’t people want to prove that it wasn’t the vaccine that killed these people?
  21. If the vaccine is so safe, then how come half the deaths happen within 3 days of vaccination? And why does the death rate peak on the second day since there would be a higher propensity to report a death within 24 hours? How do you explain that? (we explain why this is in the document)
  22. If the vaccine is so safe, how come there are so many deaths of people under 30 in their sleep less than 24 hours after vaccination? That never happens so how do you explain those deaths?
  23. Why were people who died 15 minutes after vaccination removed from the VAERS reporting system?
  24. How many people have to die before they call a halt to the nonsense?
  25. Why isn’t the press asking any of these questions?
  26. How can four British Airways pilots all die shortly after vaccination? How can BA claim that the deaths aren’t linked if they don’t know the vaccination dates of the four pilots? And why won’t they answer that question (as to how they KNOW the deaths are not linked)?
  27. Why is it up to 2,500 times safer to opt for early treatment than the vaccine if you want to avoid permanent neurological or cardiovascular damage? (it’s a simple calculation anyone can do)
  28. Why aren’t any Democratic committee chairmen asking NIH for Tony Fauci’s unredacted emails so we can expose the fact that he funded the creation of the virus and then tried to cover it up after he became aware that the virus escaped? And why isn’t the press asking them this question? We’ve asked this question ourselves, but they all refuse to answer.
  29. Why are the NIH and WHO pretending that early treatments don’t work when it is obvious to everyone, including the WHO’s top consultant on ivermectin, that they do work? He even published a paper in a top peer-reviewed journal about it.
  30. How can Moderna send the University of North Carolina a coronavirus vaccine to test two weeks before anyone knew COVID even existed? How did Moderna know in advance the exact best vaccine to create? (if you want to see a copy of the MTA, download the doc and then download the reference doc listed at the end of that doc)
  31. Will a safe vaccine be available soon? From what company? When?
  32. Why are top universities like Stanford and Harvard requiring vaccination for students when they’ve never done the calculation that would show the policy would kill (and disable) more students than it would save? Shouldn’t they at least have the numbers derived from the VAERS system to show the parents? (sure, but they don’t!) Why aren’t any parents asking for this? (answer: Parents trust the CDC assertions). How can we be telling our kids to get a vaccine that is more likely to kill them than to save them if we’ve never looked at the numbers? (answer: Most parents don’t think to question authority. They go along with narrative.)
  33. How come there is still no informed consent for the vaccine experiment underway? Isn’t the CDC supposed to share the rates of death and disability?
  34. Aren’t these experiments a violation of multiple parts of the Nuremberg Code?
  35. Where is the proof that nobody has been killed or permanently injured from the vaccines? Since these vaccines are not approved, the burden is on the drug company to show that all the deaths and permanent disabilities in VAERS were not vaccine related. Where is the analysis and why is it kept hidden (if it exists)?
  36. Can we at least see Pfizer’s analysis of Maddie de Garay’s case where she was permanently paralyzed less than 24 hours after the shot? Why is the press not asking for this analysis? Or asking why nobody at the CDC, FDA, or NIH followed up on this case even though they know about it for sure. She was in the Pfizer 12-15 year old clinical trial. Surely, there must be an analysis proving her sudden paralysis was caused by “something else” but as of July 15, 2021 nobody has contacted the family to get the case history. Why is this girl being ignored?
  37. Why is the US government giving Merck over a billion dollars for an unproved antiviral, when we already have a very safe old drug that is extremely effective against all COVID variants and is available now? Why not give Merck the money to do a large randomized control trial of ivermectin? Antivirals typically can’t be given early enough to halt the virus because the patients don’t realize they have the virus until they are in the inflammatory stage of the disease. This seems like a government boondoggle. What are we missing here?
  38. How can the White House say ivermectin is disinformation? Ivermectin has a peer-reviewed systematic review. That is the highest level of evidence possible in evidence-based medicine. Yet, paradoxically, masks are mandated even though the only randomized trial on mask wearing showed it made no statistically significant difference. We require infinite clinical trials for ivermectin (not even a systematic review is accepted), yet for mask wearing, no scientific proof at all is required and nobody is asking for it. Huh??!?!
  39. Why aren’t we leveling with the American people that the scientific evidence supporting mask wearing for COVID is non-existent? All the inconvenience we went through was pure political theater. Haven’t you ever wondered why the NIH never funded a mask study? The answer is simple: they know it doesn’t work so doing a study would expose the existing recommendations as foolish, unnecessary, and unhealthy and it would also discredit every public health official in the US as going along with the narrative without questioning it at all. NO ONE WILL DEBATE Tyson Gabriel of Premier Risk Management, Arizona. They will instead try to censor him like they do to anyone else who tries to argue using facts and evidence. This is why his video exposing the facts on mask wearing isn’t on YouTube.
  40. The White House released their list of the misinformation dozen which included Bobby Kennedy and asked social media to censor their accounts. Is this what we’ve come to as a nation to silence people with opposing viewpoints? The facts are that for the last 20 years, Bobby Kennedy has pleaded to debate anyone with scientific credentials about vaccine safety. The only person to accept the debate was Alan Dershowitz, and Dershowitz lost the debate. Why in 20 years has nobody from the scientific community dared to debate Kennedy? (see the image below for the reason why censorship is the only pathway)
  41. We asked Monica Gandhi, a prominent infectious disease expert at UCSF, “Are scientific dissenters best dealt with through assassination threats and government encouraged censorship? Or do you support open scientific debate?” She did not respond. It is a difficult choice. But by not agreeing to debate and refusing to answer our question, we can infer her answer.
  42. Over 40 faculty members of the University of Guelph wrote a letter criticizing Dr. Byram Bridle for his views on vaccine safety. None of them would agree to debate Dr. Bridle in a fair open debate. Not a single one.
  43. Why won’t anyone from any of the federal agencies (CDC, FDA, NIH), the fact checkers employed by mainstream media, the White House, the Surgeon General, Congress, or academia will answer (or ask) any of these questions posed above? Why are they all afraid to debate Dr. Robert Malone, Professor Byram Bridle, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Bret Weinstein, Dr. Chris Martenson, Dr. Jessica Rose, Mathew Crawford, and others on vaccine safety? Answer: they are afraid of losing badly, very badly.
Nobody will debate us on vaccine safety. We keep asking for a debate, but all we hear are crickets. The White House is encouraging censorship as the proper way to deal with dissenting viewpoints, not open scientific debate.

If you want to know the answer to these and more questions, you’ve come to the right place. 

Here’s the link to the answers you seek. It is a long document, you will find that the time you invest in reading it is time that is well spent. It may save your life or the lives of your kids. Because it is a living document and it is an opinion piece, it can’t be peer reviewed. However, readers are welcome to identify any errors in the comments below.

Vaccine safety FAQDownload


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24 thoughts on “The truth about vaccines that the CDC doesn’t want you to know

    1. I’m completely flabbergasted of what this country has come to I have been against the vaccine for the beginning our immunities are much stronger than any injection


    Dr. David Martin has been studying the vaccine issue at least since 1999. He says there is NO covid. This is a ploy to sell the vaccines which are really weapons meant to kill billions.
    You should research. There are a huge amount of videos and articles that know this is the 2nd holocaust. Watch the video BEHIND THE SMOKE CURTAIN: THE 9/11 PENTAGON ATTACK. This video says the nazis in the white house did 9/11. Barbara Honegger worked in the white house for 30 years, then she resigned to become a whistleblower. She names these nazis as Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, Chalabi, Wolfowitz, Zakheim, Perle, etc. Looks like to me that the DOJ is going to do nothing about bringing any of these people to trial because the DOJ is a part of the whole ponzi scheme to make billions from the vaccines and to finish what hitler started: the final solution.

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  2. I had the Moderna vaccine. I got the 2nd dose the beginning of May, and shortly after that I was told the shortness of breath I was experiencing was because my right diaphram is paralyzed. So sorry I got the vaccine the government is pushing on everyone.

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  3. My brother-in-law, less than 36 hours after receiving the second dose of Moderna died of a massive aortic embolism. His life was cut short because he trusted these people. He was much admired by many and deeply loved by his family, friends, and my sister, his soulmate. Our lives are changed forever!

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  4. My daughter will be losing her job Oct 30 because she refuses to get vaccinated. She works frim home and I my first
    Phone calls! She works for Anthem! This is wrong. What can she do to fight this?

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    1. This is an email I received from Pastor Brandon at Rock Harbor Church. If she’s truly serious and willing to fight for her rights, you can find the information she might want/need here. God bless.
      Hi Everyone,

      Many of you have contacted me about your employer, hospital or other various places not accepting your religious exemption. Folks, that is against the law. The government knows that they cannot pass laws like the mandating of vaccines, so they are using the big businesses and medical-industrial complex to do it. It is illegal, so we cannot give up and stop there. We have to keep pushing the issue. Ask to speak with the supervisor, director, boss, or anyone in authority making these draconian decisions. Don’t accept the “no” from the gatekeepers. Gatekeepers are only doing what they are told to do. They do not understand the law. Go to the authority who is responsible for implementing the mandate. Ask to speak with them or find a way to contact them. Put pressure on them. We have to be willing to use all our resources and stand against this mandate all the way. Anything less than that kind of follow-through raises questions about how strong our “conviction” really is. This decision to be unvaccinated will either be a conviction for you or a preference. In order to stand against something like this, it must come from our convictions. If a person doesn’t have a conviction but instead has a preference, then that’s not enough. Resistance comes from scriptural convictions and not from personal preference.

      Also, we have to understand that from a biblical mindset, choices produce consequences. If we choose not to be vaccinated based on scriptural grounds, we have to eliminate the idea that we can choose, take a stand against this nonsense, and avoid the consequences. We must remind ourselves that our choices will cost us something.

      When the government and big business/medial-industrial complex are working together (i.e., fascism) to enforce so-called “laws” that the State or the Feds cannot pass, the only option is resistance through noncompliance. Now is the time to resist. The religious exemption or even a medical exemption will not be able to keep you from the consequences of your choice. If it is your deep conviction instead of a preference, you have to own it and fight for it. Be respectful, but you have to take your stand and resist. Push the issue all the way. Do not give up. Appeal to Caesar if you have to. Here are some law firms that you can contact if you need to.

      Pacific Justice Institute
      Alliance Defending Freedom
      Thomas More Society

      If the American people do not resist this, then these ungodly Babylonians will eliminate more freedoms. RESIST NOW!

      Pastor Brandon


      RHC Religious Exemption with Civil Rights
      RHC Mask Exemption
      RHC Religion Only Exemption

      This message is from Rock Harbor Church. Rock Harbor Church treats your personal information with the utmost care. To report abuse related to this email, please contact our office at (661) 829-6743.

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    2. My daughter was FORCED to get the vaccine by NY State to participate in clinicals for her CNA program. She is only 17 and I prayed until she got it and continue to pray everyday that she will be okay. She is young and healthy! It is disgusting that they are forcing this on everyone. They are are jeopardizing ones future and career!


  5. Statement by ISR scientists, researchers and doctors
    More and more people are talking about something terrible is happening right now. More and more people are now seeing that these COVID vaccinations do not protect against something, but make people sick and kill them.
    But most people don’t see that this procedure has been around for a very long time. When people lay their lives in the hands of those obsessed with power, then they need not be surprised if these power elites take advantage of this for themselves. These power elites see the people as their property. Functioning as a consumer is the task of mankind and unfortunately mankind has been content with that. This reckless consumer behavior has made this wonderful planet sick. There is probably no other species that is destroying its own planet.
    Nobody even asks why there are so many diseases such as cancer, allergies, nerve diseases, asthma etc. only in industrialized countries. It is the many poisons in “food”, in tap water, in the air, in personal care products etc. and before Everything in pharmaceuticals. In regions far away from industrialized countries, where people live by and with nature and respect nature, these diseases do not exist, not even so-called childhood diseases exist there.
    This CORONA staging is just another game these elites are playing with humanity. It is about the further and above all global expansion of power. For the fulfillment of these goals, however, it is necessary to reduce humanity to a manageable number and that is happening at the moment. This intention has existed for a very long time, which is why people have been exposed to all these poisons for many decades, and vaccinations in particular have always been intended for this. With the toxic contents of the vaccine sera, the developing immune system of children has been weakened and destroyed for a long time. This virus fairy tale was a perfect means of doing all of this. A virus (Latin poison) is a fairy tale that was actually burned into the human brain. Something like that can only be done with a species that likes to believe in things that are unproven. There is no evidence for fours. However, there are scientific facts that clearly prove the impossibility of viruses. These facts can be requested from us at any time.
    So what’s happening right now? A pandemic was staged in order to be able to carry out global vaccinations with highly toxic contents. These vaccinations ensure that people get sick and life is very shortened. These vaccinations also ensure sterilization; human experiments on this have already been carried out en masse, mainly in Africa, India and the Philippines. Now all of this is happening worldwide with perfect propaganda from the government puppets and the media that have been synchronized. Our prognosis: If these vaccinations are continued, there will be very many deaths in the next few months, but these deaths will then be declared as CORONA victims. The mass of people believe this lie and more will be vaccinated until the goal of reducing humanity is achieved. Only a small minority understand what is really happening, but this minority does not have the power to stop it all.
    Although more and more “medical professionals” and also some politicians are talking about the fact that these vaccinations kill, these people still believe in a fantasy virus that was invented for this purpose. What has been planted in people’s brains for more than 100 years is very difficult to extract, even if the scientific facts are clear. Another good example is this climate lie, the earth is of course not warming up, the sea level is not rising, on the contrary, the sea level is falling, which can be clearly seen. So if the polar ice caps are supposed to melt, the opposite would mean that the sea level would have to rise. All of this shows how easy it is to manipulate people and to switch off independent thinking. But now this behavior will kill people and yet the crowd follows the manipulations and insults even the few people who still have a reasonable and logical thinking. What else can be said? Checkmate for humanity, one of the most vicious species this planet has ever seen.
    We like to help the few people who think logically, with our scientific research we were able to find an active ingredient that stops the poisoning of these vaccinations.
    The team of ISR – Independent scientists and researchers


    1. The scientific reasoning is that we are electrical energy fields because atoms are electrical energy fields and we all consist of 7 billion billion billion atoms. Atoms spin/vibrate as positive and negative poles. If not, then there would be no existence. We all live within a grid that is literally an electrical energy field. If not, there would be no lightning, no cell phones, no wifi, no people, nothing at all. This can been seen most clearly in the book HANDS OF LIGHT written by the physicist Barbara Brennan. In this book are diagrams of what we look like as we are constantly being created. And also what we look like as eternal holograms and eternal electrical energy fields.
      Everything everywhere is constantly being created as electrical energy fields because everything consists of atoms. We are like the images on TV and computer screens. The quarks/atoms spinning us into existence are spinning/vibrating so fast as energy and light that we cannot be physical. This means we are literally energy and light holograms. We are being created with such preciseness that quarks are programmed to build us with the ability to heal. No machine anywhere does this. Images of healing, going back to our perfect images, is what needs to be remembered. We are always perfect, but our images of not being perfect can create an image that is not perfect looking. We are imagination itself. Age is imagination. That is why the people that believe they are eternal, actually look eternal. In the book THE QUANTUM WORLD written by the physicist Kenneth Ford is a diagram of simultaneous. That is because we are saturated within a holodeck that has no time. This holodeck is like a green screen where what you imagine pops up in front of you faster than the speed of light. We are being created faster than the speed of light. That is why we are not aware of this process.
      There can be no germs or viruses because the intelligence creating this existence does not create them. It is the emotions of people that are stressed out, and dammed up with hate and depression and anger and fear that causes what is called dis-ease. That means the lack of ease. A constant agitation causes the frequencies building us to dam up. Then this society calls this tumors, cancer, colds, etc. etc. Release your agitation, anger, depression, etc. and these frequencies relax.
      We can’t die because we are electrical energy fields constantly being created. But we do leave these bodies at what is called death because they are so heavy.


    1. There are thousands of lawyers and doctors that have come together to sue fauci and big pharma. But they are trying to reason with communists and nazis that want to rule the world. I figure these oligarchs must have been severely abused as children, so that is why they are so cruel. The remedy to that is to have compassion for them. Picture them as getting the help they need. They need to be rescued.


  6. It is the liberals who are attempting to bully and force those who want to take there time to understand, research and make an informed decision. The desperation that is being displayed to force us not allowing us time to gather data. That makes us suspect about an agenda. There is no reason to turn DICTATOR. We all know the Vaccinated are safe yet you insist on telling them otherwise. Our decision has nothing to do with them. Therefor you decision to ANGER THEM and turn them against us is your desperation showing. Which leads us to believe the vaccinations are not safe and you are hiding it. Each person faces a tough enough decision. We have all lost friends and loved ones. The last thing we need is your constant interference. At the very least Stop censoring those who are trying to tell there experience. Stop threatening mandates, Stop forcing Doctors, Scientist, Forensics, and other professionals to falsify what they are seeing. Your puppet masters are using you. In the END IT WILL BE YOU they sacrifice. The American People realize we are not this parties priority or CONCERN. I don’t know what happened to your people but its called TRAITOR / TREASON and punishable by death. The choice to destroy America and become allies with the CCP. When you join forces with EVIL. Do you really thing they can be trusted. Natural Born Deceivers. Natural Born Killers. You never know where you stand with people like that.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. The video THE AGENDA says the democrats on the left are communists that want to rule the world. They want to kill billions of people so that they can have most of the land. They are not interested in our opinions. Their behavior is like that of a psychopath or sociopath or a child that was severely abused and never rescued. Bullied children grow up to bully others. They are wild with notions to get back at those that hurt them. Revenge is their motive. Look at Cheney’s face. There is such a scary deposition there. Revenge. He thinks that he dies. He can’t relax.
    It will take a lot of compassion to change him. He will have to know there is no such thing as death. He will leave his body to realize that he is light, the same light as everyone else. Then he will see the rage he inflicted on this world and he will want to fix it. He won’t believe in forgiveness for himself, even though this is all an experiment that our souls are creating. It is not our fault there are so many psychopaths on this earth. Believing in death creates that condition. I blame these souls creating us for all this horror on earth. We are like 2 dimensional characters to them. They ignore our pains. Souls are so removed from us that they don’t even feel our pains. Otherwise, they would help.


    1. To help the nurses give more death injections? But the media say yes, there sid so many Corona patients in the hospitals, the media know it. There are vaccinated people in the hospitals! But the media believers will only see the truth when they are on their deathbed, after their vaccination. We constantly examine many, many vaccinated people. Anyone who takes a look at the blood count of these vaccinated people will be very surprised. But also the organs are very damaged. All these people were healthy before. These are the facts that we see all the time. So anyone who is still talking about sick people due to Corona has lost their mind. Anyone is welcome to come to our facility and see the dying vaccinated people. It is just unbelievable how much mankind has lost its mind.
      ISR – Independent Scientists


  8. I read a report by Judicial Watch that they sued and received part of the Fauci emails concerning COVID and the Wuhan lab. There were so many that JW could only give a preliminary summary of what they found so far. But, it does confirm that he was connected to the Wuhan lab. He attempted to have it setup in a way where he did not have direct command over the facility. He kept tabs on its activities by planting a spy who would give him reports. There was an email report by this spy that mentions COVID and that it showed “promise”. There was also evidence of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s involvement that took JW by surprise.


  9. Check out Project Veritas website. Military documents were leaked proving fauci and others have been lieing the whole time!


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