Thousands of victims of the COVID-19 “vaccine” in the United States ask for help

Kathy Vittetoe | 11/07/21

A child is vaccinated against COVID-19 in 2021 (Screenshot ABC News / Youtube)

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Drafting BLes – After more than six months of the mass immunization campaign with the COVID-19 experimental vaccines, not approved by the FDA, tens of thousands of victims are speaking, regretting their decisions and asking for help.

In the past, the protesters were mostly parents of vaccine-damaged children. Now those who speak are mostly adults who have seen their lives devastated by these injections.

group calling itself “Vax Longhaulers” has posted videos on two YouTube channels, Bitchute and Rumble , to share their experiences after being vaccinated, reports Heath Impact.

In addition, there is a private group on Facebook called “Covid19 Vaccine Victims & Families”.

After receiving vaccines from Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca, nearly 29,500 members of the group ” Victims and Families of the COVID 19 Vaccine ” describe horrible health problems such as strokes, blood clots, profuse bleeding, needle-like pains of needles in the extremities and paralysis.

Despite the devastating testimonials, Facebook adds a disclaimer to each of the group members’ posts to assure users that the vaccines are “safe” and “effective.”

“COVID-19 vaccines go through a lot of tests to check their safety and efficacy and are then closely monitored,” the notification states, citing the World Health Organization.

Users are directed to Facebook’s COVID-19 information center, which promotes the vaccine and lists the places where it can be obtained in each state, Gateway Pundit reported .

There has been great concern about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine, as well as the need to inject it.

Although the government encourages and promotes vaccination, many people doubt and are afraid.

About 3 months ago, when the supply of doses of coronavirus vaccines in the United States exceeded demand, some localities in the country discovered that there is so little interest in vaccines that they had to reject shipments.

About half of Iowa’s counties have stopped requesting additional doses of vaccines from the state, and Louisiana has refused to receive certain doses of vaccines.

“It is a kind of stagnation. Some people just don’t want it, ”said Stacey Hileman, a health department nurse in rural Decatur County, Kansas, where less than a third of the county’s 2,900 residents have received at least one dose of the vaccine, Kare reported. eleven.

After receiving its first shipment of vaccines in early April, the small town pharmacy, Robin Jackson, has been almost begging anyone in the neighborhood to come and get vaccinated, also putting up signs outside their store to thank the arrival of cargo.

Barbara Gennaro, a mother of two young children in Yazoo City, Mississippi, said everyone in her homeschooling community opposes the vaccine. Gennaro said he avoids vaccines for his family.

“All the strong Christians I associate with are against it,” he said . “Fear is what drives people to get vaccinated, it’s that simple. The stronger someone’s trust in the Lord, the less likely they are to want the vaccine or feel it is necessary. “

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Danielle Farr, who lives in Barber County, Kansas, has declined doses of the vaccine and has said she has no plans to get vaccinated. The 32-year-old woman revealed that she, her 5 and 12-year-old children and her husband were infected with COVID-19 last year.

Antibodies against the virus were found in the blood tests of the four, so it assumes that they are already protected.

“I believe in vaccines that have eradicated terrible diseases for the last 60, 70 years. I totally and fully believe in that, ”said Farr, who works at an accounting firm. “Now a vaccine that was rushed in six, seven months, I’m just going to be a little more cautious about what I choose to put into my body.”

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