Exposure to mobile phone radiation causes deleterious health effects on biological systems (study)

Alteration of intrapancreatic serotonin, homocysteine, TNF-α, and NGF levels as predisposing factors for diabetes following exposure to 900-MHz waves

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Exposure to mobile phone radiation causes deleterious health effects on biological systems. The objects of this study were to investigate the effect of 900-MHz radiofrequency waves (RFW) emitted from base transceiver station antenna on intrapancreatic homocysteine (Hcy), tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α), and nerve growth factor (NGF) as predisposing factors involved in pancreatic beta cell damage. Thirty male rats (Sprague-Dawley, 200 ± 10 g) were randomly divided into the control (without any exposure) and exposed groups: short time (2 h/day), long time (4 h/day), and exposed to 900-MHz RFW for 30 consecutive days. On the last days of the experiment, animals were killed and pancreas tissue was dissected out for evaluation of serotonin, Hcy, TNF-α, and NGF. There was a significant decrease in the serotonin and NGF levels in the pancreatic tissue of exposed groups compared to the control group (p < 0.05). Also, the levels of serotonin and NGF in the long-time exposure were significantly lower than the short-time exposure (p < 0.05). However, levels of Hcy and TNF-α were significantly increased in the pancreas of exposed groups compared to the control groups (p < 0.05). Exposure to 900-MHz RFW decreased pancreatic NGF and serotonin levels and increased the proinflammatory markers (Hcy and TNF-α), which can be a predisposing factor for type 2 diabetes.


Another study (2017):

Effect of Radiofrequency Radiation Emitted from 2G and 3G Cell Phone on Developing Liver of Chick Embryo – A Comparative Study

Mary Hydrina D’Silva 1Rijied Thompson Swer 2J Anbalagan 3Bhargavan Rajesh 4Affiliations expand

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Introduction: The increasing scientific evidence of various health hazards on exposure of Radiofrequency Radiation (RFR) emitted from both the cell phones and base stations have caused significant media attention and public discussion in recent years. The mechanism of interaction of RF fields with developing tissues of children and fetuses may be different from that of adults due to their smaller physical size and variation in tissue electromagnetic properties. The present study may provide an insight into the basic mechanisms by which RF fields interact with developing tissues in an embryo.

Aim: To evaluate the possible tissue and DNA damage in developing liver of chick embryo following chronic exposure to Ultra-High Frequency/Radiofrequency Radiation (UHF/RFR) emitted from 2G and 3G cell phone.

Materials and methods: Fertilized chick embryos were incubated in four groups. Group A-experimental group exposed to 2G radiation (60 eggs), Group B- experimental group exposed to 3G radiation (60 eggs), Group C- sham exposed control group (60 eggs) and Group D- control group (48 eggs). On completion of scheduled duration, the embryos were collected and processed for routine histological studies to check structural changes in liver. The nuclear diameter and karyorrhexis changes of hepatocytes were analysed using oculometer and square reticule respectively. The liver procured from one batch of eggs from all the four groups was subjected to alkaline comet assay technique to assess DNA damage. The results were compared using one-way ANOVA test.

Results: In our study, the exposure of developing chick embryos to 2G and 3G cell phone radiations caused structural changes in liver in the form of dilated sinusoidal spaces with haemorrhage, increased vacuolations in cytoplasm, increased nuclear diameter and karyorrhexis and significantly increased DNA damage.

Conclusion: The chronic exposure of chick embryo liver to RFR emitted from 2G and 3G cell phone resulted in various structural changes and DNA damage. The changes were more pronounced in 3G experimental group. Based on these findings it is necessary to create awareness among public about the possible ill effects of RFR exposure from cell phone.

Keywords: Cell phone radiation; Cytoplasmic vacuolations; DNA damage; Double strand breaks; Hydropic changes; Karyorrhexis; Nucleomegaly.


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