WHO Issues Critical Guidance Urging Children and Adolescents to Stop Getting Vaccinated Against Covid-19

Teodrose Fikremariam June 22, 2021 9 min read

BREAKING UPDATE, Sunday, June 27th: not only did WHO rescind a guidance that children should not get motivated based on political considerations, Biden, Fauci and the establishment writ large are now weaponizing the “delta variant” to stoke fears and manufacture “vaccine” consent. Read the full story here.

Update: June 22nd, this article has been revised as of 8:05 PM EST after the World Health Organization literally sanitized their website to erase any mention of a guidance that they issued on June 3rd (this is WHO’s archived page that contains the version they deleted) concerning the “vaccination” of children and adolescents for Covid-19. Up until an hour ago, WHO’s position was that children should not get “vaccinated” because, in their words, “there is not yet enough evidence on the use of vaccines against COVID-19 in children to make recommendations for children to be vaccinated against COVID-19”. 

It is beyond breathtaking that a renowned global institution, with the status and name recognition of WHO, would stoop so low as to rescind a guidance that was made by public health officials within the organization to protect children from  “vaccines” that are clearly unsafe. Given the rash of children and young adults who are developing debilitating and potentially life long ailments like myocarditis, blood clots and even death, WHO’s actions are downright criminal. 

What WHO did today by issuing a warning that children should not get “vaccinated” and then expunging it is even worse than not acknowledging the perils of these experimental boosters that are being pumped into the arms of billions of people around the world. Beyond the fact that they proved the point I raised yesterday, which is that unelected and unaccountable billionaires like Bill and Melinda Gates have a veto power over global institutions that are dedicated to public health policies, WHO is now endangering the lives of tens of millions of children around the world by encouraging them to get jabbed with “vaccines” that are not yet proven safe according to their own guidance. 

This is an issue that hits close to home for me not only for me but for billions of people around the world. As a father of a two year old and someone who lost his mother to Covid-19 last year, I am beyond enraged that WHO, at the prodding of their corporate masters, are playing politics with something as serious and grave as this dreaded pandemic. They have confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt that their concern is not about public safety nor the wellness of society, this is all about money and protecting the interests of powerful entities that stand to lose billions of dollars if people don’t continue to get jabbed. 

The rest of this article, after this paragraph, is preserved as it was published two hours before WHO deleted their guidance. I had to use a screen shot of their original statement because it is no longer available on their website. You can compare for yourself what they are now saying compared to the screenshot you see below. This type of censorship is the stuff of Joseph Stalin who used to execute his enemies and delete any evidence of their existence. Today, WHO joined Stalin in the hall of shameful conduct as they executed truth and then deleted it from their website. 

In a shocking development that caught the establishment by complete surprise, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued an alarm urging children and adolescents to avoid getting “vaccinated” for Covid-19. The following statement is lifted directly from WHO’s website:

 This guidance that was issued by WHO on June 3rd was just deleted in an effort to keep the public in the dark and keep encouraging parents to place their children in harms way by getting them “vaccinated”. Click on picture above to see a clearer version of WHO’s original guidance

Though their revised guidance vis- à-vis kids and young adults getting jabbed was buried at the bottom of their bulletin, it nonetheless marked a fundamental break from the conventional and deranged logic of “vaccinating” everyone irrespective of their age, health status or risk profile. This vaxxsanity reached peak level when doctors like Leana Wen pressed parents to have their children injected with an experimental nostrum that has yet to gain FDA approval.

To the surprise of no one, mainstream media has completely ignored this development. Instead of WHO’s about face being treated as the breaking news it is, the supposed “free-press” have willfully and maliciously omitted this story that all parents should know about. At this exact moment, there are children being taken to clinics to be injected with a “vaccine” that is causing debilitating and potentially life long ailments like myocarditis (heart inflammation), blood clots or worse. Last week, a thirteen year old boy died three days after receiving a second shot of the Covid-19 “vaccine”. When will this madness stop!


By refusing to broadcast WHO’s revised guidance, mainstream media and the establishment writ large will have the blood of every child who dies from Covid-19 “vaccinates “going forward. I can’t even imagine what it must be like as a parent knowing that they allowed their sons or daughters to get jabbed because they trusted opinion leaders who preached how safe and effective these “vaccines” were only to find out that WHO is now saying they are anything but. My blood boils at the thought of cities like Toronto that set up injection pop up sites where they jabbed children without their parent’s notification, presence nor consent.

As livid as I am about the suppression of this critical development that is literally a matter of life and death, I am heartened by the glimmer of hope that WHO just provided with their decision to reverse their “vaccination” guidance. Though they buried the lead, the fact that they issued this alarm is a significant shift from the status quo. As I’ve noted in previous articles, within every organization the vast majority are good and decent people who sadly allow an unhinged minority—mostly in positions of leadership—to dictate policies that lead to untold human suffering.

The political class and the establishment as a whole, who have a vested interest in these experimental “vaccines”, are intent on cheering us on as billions of people self-harm by way of jabs

Though we don’t know the backstory yet in terms of how the World Health Organization defied their patron devils Bill and Melinda Gates, I am certain that the decision was reached after a critical mass of employees made noise and potentially threatened to resign. If you work at WHO and have information on that front, email us at info@ghionjournal.com and everything you convey to us will be off the record. I just hope that the CDC, who are currently sleeping at the wheel while children are developing severe heart complications after getting jabbed, follows in the footsteps of WHO and puts a halt to the “vaccination” of children instead of offering our sons and daughters as sacrificial lambs for biotech corporations.

WHO belatedly arrived at a position that many staked out only to be vilified as “anti-vaxxers” and dismissed as “conspiracy theorists”. The same way dissenters like Hans Blix and Chris Hedges were castigated by the establishment for rightly pointing out that Iraq did not have WMDs only to be vindicated by history, people who have been tarred and feathered for questioning the safety and efficacy of these “vaccines” will eventually be proven right. Sadly, our exculpation might very well come with unbearable cost. I pray for the safety of every man, woman and child—including my own family members—who got jabbed.

In a stunning development, @WHO issued an urgent bulletin on June 3rd advising that children and adolescents avoid Covid-19 ‘vaccinations’. This is news that EVERY parent must read and heed. #WHOSaysStopJabsCLICK TO TWEET

What has become abundantly clear is that governments, mainstream media and almost every major institution of note have zero interest in looking out for the health and wellness of the very people they are supposed to protect. If you had any doubt about the criminal nature of the debased (I refuse to call them elites), the fact that they are literally saying nothing as more and more children are being injured or killed by mRNA and adenovirus “vaccines” should dispel all doubt. Facebook has gone one step further on the malevolence scale and are actually censoring news about WHO’s decision. You can’t make this stuff up!

It is imperative that this story reaches a broader audience; I implore everyone who is reading this article to share it on social media and go one step further. Given how much Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and LinkedIn are censoring independent journalists like me, I ask you to go low-tech where they are silencing speech using high-tech algorithms. What I mean by that is to share this link via email, text and the most low-tech but most effective means of communication which is voice conversation. We cannot depend on politicians, pundits and opinion leaders living in gated chalets and sipping expensive Chablis to save us, we must get this message out ourselves.

Lastly, if you are a parent, for God’s sake, please do not let your child or children get jabbed with these experimental gene therapy “vaccines”! The overall mortality rate of Covid-19 is 0.66%, this number drops to 0.02% for people who are younger than 21. The risk of developing severe sickness or death from Pfizer, BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Sinopharm and Sputnik’s “vaccines” is higher than the risk of Covid-19 itself. Do not allow your kids to take part in an ongoing clinical trial and risk harming them irreparably. Children have their whole lives ahead of them, don’t cripple them with biotech snake oils that do not prevent contraction nor transmission of Covid-19.

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.” ~ Nelson Mandela

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