Yale University Epidemiologist: 60% of new COVID cases are in vaccinated people

Alvaro Colombres Garmendia | TheBL 04/27/21

Dr. Harvey Risch Yale University Epidemiologist ,April 19, 2021 (screenshot Steve Bannon chanel in Rumble)

In an interview with Steve Bannon on April 19, Professor Harvey Risch of the prestigious Yale University said that the actual effectiveness of COVID vaccines in preventing contagion is between 50% and 60% and that health authorities are not being transparent in communicating with the public.

“I think that the American public has been sold the vaccine by the research that shows that they reduce the infection of mild to moderate symptomatic infection by somewhere between 60 to 95 percent, depending upon age and vaccine and so on,” Dr. Risch remarked. “And that is a pretty good performance for an individual once he takes the vaccine to protect themselves.”

However, explained the professor, who often disagrees with official health measures, that that is not the measure Dr. Fauci and the authorities are using to analyze vaccine efficacy.

“They are looking at ‘does the vaccine prevent the spread of the infection?’ And for that, the drug company, the vaccine companies provided no information.”

Using the example of Israel, one of the countries where the population has been massively vaccinated, about half, the professor said that “studies there show that it reduces the spread of the infection by somewhere around 50 to 60 percent.”

For Dr. Risch, vaccination contributes to some extent to herd immunity but not in the way the authorities have tried to make people believe that after vaccination, they will be able to lead a normal life.

“So for that reason given the individual’s vaccine that they think is going to free them up from all restrictions in the society is not true, because what they really do is getting a vaccine that only cuts the transmission by a half,” the epidemiologist explained.

“And in fact, we even know this now because clinicians have been telling me that more than a half of the new covid cases that they are seeing to treat, are people who have been vaccinated,” Dr. Risch stated. “They have estimated 60 percent of the new cases that they are treating are, the new covid cases have been people who have been vaccinated.”

The number of cases reported by the CDC is not real but an estimate

The epidemiologist explained that the Center for Infectious Diseases (CDC) publishes the number of cases it estimates exist in the population and not the actual number of registered cases.

“The people who test positive from the nasal testing or some from the antibody testing, are the number of cases that we know about, the official number of cases. But the CDC measured it, they did blood testing and found that approximately six times that number was the total number of cases in a population,” Risch explained.

Lockdowns have impaired the natural process of herd immunity

Dr. Risch explained that in many states in the United States that did not lock people up during the pandemic, they achieved some herd immunity before vaccination of the population began.

In fact, “half of the states in the US now have more than herd immunity; they are coming down dramatically,” Risch said.

The epidemiologist explained that “herd immunity only starts when the infection curve reaches its peak, when it is at the highest,” and ” herd immunity might start occurring at 60 or 50 percent of the population immune to the virus.”

But for infections to decline rapidly, a higher percentage, around 75% or 80%, is needed before the curve drops dramatically.

Risch used the examples of some states that did not resort to mass lockdowns. In fact, some of them already ruled out mandatory use of masks, such as North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Utah, where the number of cases dropped considerably last year long before vaccines were available.

“Most of those people had it asymptomatically, they didn’t know they had it, but they did and that’s why North Dakota has had such a dramatic response to it because 80% of the population is immune, which means the virus has a hard time finding new people to infect,” the epidemiologist said.

“Vaccination helps but really all this was set up last fall from the peaks of the epidemics,” Risch said, chalking up the good results to the natural human immunization process.

“What this means is that the lockdowns have been counterproductive because the lockdowns only prolong what is going to happen as soon as those lockdowns open up… large populations that have never been exposed to the virus ready to absorb it by becoming infected,” the epidemiologist lamented.


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17 thoughts on “Yale University Epidemiologist: 60% of new COVID cases are in vaccinated people

    1. Please get help. You’re part of the population suffering from mass psychosis. These people are so diabolically evil and it’s hard to come to terms with that fact and believe the debunking of some stat means that this is a scripted NWO operation gone live.


    2. The interview with the doctor is a matter of him coming from a position of expertise and having done his own research and saying that the CDCs reports are wrong. Your “truth” is nothing more than than saying the doctor is wrong because of what the CDC reports. Do you not see how that doesn’t work to debunk the doctor’s claims?


    3. The key here is “NEW ” cases. Fauci and CDC are comingling old cases with new cases to lower the incidence of disease in vaccinated. Yes you can get it and spread it even if you are vaccinated.


  1. There are many infections of fully vaccinated with some hospitalized in outer area. Three people I know who have or had virus one spent three days in hospital even though they were vaccinated.


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