How To Become Part of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s Class Action Law Suit

Contact Dr Reiner Fuellmich:, or you can contact him via his contact page on his website. He does get hundreds of emails per day, which are all read and says he responds to those of importance. Thank you for your kind comments.

This article is copyright of Europe Reloaded, entitled: How To Become Part of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s Class Action Law Suit.

Please, if you are not familar with this history of this recent class action law suit, please watch this video about the PCR fraud that lawyer Dr Reiner Fuellmich uncovered with his team at Germany’s Extra-Parliamentary Coronavirus Investigative Commission (a role that its German Government should have been undertaking), this fraud which has been the scientific ‘evidence’ for the lockdowns, masks, and social distancing etc amongst the Governments of the world.

Dr Fuellmich and his team have spent months listening to the expert advice from hundreds of professionals, including Dr Mike Yeadon and Prof Dolores Cahill, most of whom have been censored by big tech when speaking against the official WHO narrative of Covid-19 especially related to the unreliable PCR test that has being encouraged by all Governments for en masse testing.

Crimes Against Humanity Dr Reiner Fuellmich

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On his site, you’ll see this German announcement: Wir beraten und unterstutzen aktiv die Aktivitaten zu der Corona Schadensersatzklage. Which translates as: We actively advise and support the activities regarding the Corona claim for damages. Below which is a green message (Zur Corona Schadensersatzklage Seite – To the Corona Claim for Damages page) which takes you to this site. Or it is here:  Which translates as ‘Corona action for damages’.

They replied that they themselves are only representing German clients, but plan to publish names of lawyers and law firms internationally who will be taking part in legal action for redress against the corona measures. We will be staying tuned to this and publishing updates as they come out.

If you don’t have German (and neither do we), the translation site DeepL isn’t bad for giving decent translations in a variety of languages. We recommend it over Google.

Visit Dr Reiner Fuellmich’s YouTube channel.

This article is copyright of Europe Reloaded, entitled  Germany’s Extra-Parliamentary CV Investigative Commission Launching CLASS ACTION SUIT Against Corona Criminals and it was originally published at by Peter Koenig.

Reiner Fuellmich, who practices law in California as well as Germany, belongs to the ACU2020 organization, also comprising German doctors Heiko SchoningBodo Schiffmann and the Austrian doctor Martin HaditschDr. Heiko Schoning was the one who welcomed Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to Berlin at the end of August, and the one who was arrested two weekends ago as he began his speech in Trafalgar Square to a large protest group.


The basis of Fuellmich’s class action law suit against those responsible for the corona scandal rests on the following premises (taken from the video below):

  • Companies and persons who suffered damage during lockdown, & etc. are entitled to full recovery of said damages.
  • Not only are those officials who made the decision to lockdown, &etc. responsible, but also the manufacturers of the PCR test, upon which the coronavirus measures were largely based, and which is completely unsuitable for detecting an infection. It is not even licensed or approved for diagnostic purposes. This is contrary to all official assurances, including those made by the WHO.
  • There is no valid factual or legal basis for the corona measures, including face masks, which need to be ended immediately.
  • The biggest wave of bankruptcies of all time is threatening the world economy right now, which greatly affects small and medium business and the self-employed.
  • (The German judiciary is not sufficiently independent politically to judge cases against big corporate players, so cases are now being referred to the EU Court of Justice.)
  • US-style class-action lawsuit can really help in this situation, which must be publicized throughout the general media in order to attempt to include all relevant participants (Fuellmich explains additional advantages of class-action suits, including low cost, speed and simpler legal procedures).
  • The aim is to get hundreds of thousands or even millions of people involved in this suit, who have suffered the same type of damage, with a very large price tag attached, all of which is likely to bring the madness to an end much faster.
  • ACU2020’s main POLITICAL goal is to start the long overdue scientific discussion about the true danger of the virus, the reliability of the test and the collateral damage (health and economic) caused by anti-coronavirus measures. It will be achieved faster, however, if a loud BANG is heard by means of a successful class-action suit involving perhaps millions of people.
  • It is possible to make the victims of the anti-coronavirus measures ‘whole’ again.

Read more….

Exclusive 60-minute interview with German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich broadcast simultaneously by some twenty influencers in Quebec, English Canada and the United States.

21 thoughts on “How To Become Part of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s Class Action Law Suit

  1. Dr Reiner Fuellmich speaks excellent English, and immediately after he recorded the video in German that’s on his website and you refer to above, he recorded a second version in English.

    He posted it on Bitchute here:

    (If it doesn’t create a hotlink pls copt & paste the URL into your browser window.)


  2. Dr Reiner Fuellmich speaks excellent English, and immediately after he recorded the video in German that’s on his website and you refer to above, he recorded a second version in English.

    He posted it on Bitchute here:

    (If it doesn’t create a hotlink pls copt & paste the URL into your browser window.)


  3. As of mid April 2021 there is no class action lawsuit by Fuellmich. Search for yourselves. It is all hot air.

    He has been talking big about it for almost a year (since May 2020) but nothing has happened, niente, nada. Most likely he has not found any US law firms that will cooperate without big money up front that he does not have.


    1. McElveen, A very complete and well-prepared case has been lodged in Canada, but the court rejected it without looking at it. I downloaded the document. That’s what they are up against, and he knows it, but he feels the whole thing is starting to fall apart for TPTB andf they won’t be able to ignore it much longer. Watch his update at . Its the one where it looks like he’s in pyjamas! LOL


    2. He is doing very dangerous work for humanity, at least trying to – if he isn’t stopped. What are YOU doing? What do YOU and everyone (billions on this planet!!) have the COURAGE to do for today’s and future generations?!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Go to his site, He has been working on this since last year, it takes a great deal of time interviewing doctors, scientists. He has a great interview with a Doctor from Italy and you will see the process of what has to happen in that Country.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. @ Anonymous

    Use an internet search engine of your choice, search term “fuellmich class action” or “PCR test class action”
    Class actions do not exist in the EU. That’s why he was talking big about filing them in the US and Canada. Except he has filed none to date after almost a year of talk.


  5. Class actions take a massive amount of time to prepare. They are hugely fact intensive. Unless Dr. Fuellmich is a miracle worker, it’ll be a number of months before any suit is filed. Basically you need the entire case prepared before you file … that’ll especially be true in this case. As for the law firms, yes, no major firm will take the case on as they’ll be tied to the pharmaceutical companies or governments one way or another.


  6. Fuellmich does explain the process in more detail in this interview (see links below). Lawsuits are being filed in multiple countries independently with the aim of building momentum for a larger international trial that is beyond the powers of national judges: the so-called ‘Nuremburg 2.0’ for ‘Crimes Against Humanity’.Fuellmich said in the interview dated 1st April 2021 that the process should escalate in few months.


  7. Sorry, this website won’t let me post links. Use a search engine (I use duckduckgo) andsearch:
    Reiner Fuellmich+jermwarfare


  8. If so many courts and lawyers etc are corrupt it’s going to take a lot of money to get things moving as money talks. In the meantime people should register their birth certificates and property with the common law courts so that they are not owned by their government in any way.

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    1. Hi, Judy, Do you mean citizens everywhere, the US included, must register their birth certificates and property “so that they are not owned by their government in any way?” Like me, I bet most people would like to get on top of this. Thank you.

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