Danish Newspaper Reveals Largest Study on Masks has been Rejected by Three Medical Journals – mask makes no difference –

Why not just conduct a randomized controlled trial to test whether masks work against COVID-19? Why assume such a draconian and dehumanizing mandate works as if it’s an article of faith and create such division when we can discover which side is correct? That’s what a group of Danish researchers felt, which is why, over the spring, they conducted such a study. So why have the results not been published, three months later? According to one Danish newspaper, the study has been rejected by three medical journals because the results are too controversial.


Wearing a mask makes no difference in cases or in level of transmission in the community.

The headline result–wearing a mask makes no difference in cases or in level of transmission in the community.   It is obvious to all of us now, that this is true, as we can see the case growth in areas of the country with extremely high mask-wearing rates.  Here is the cite.  (Danish Mask Study)  Coupled with the withdrawal of the county study which purported to show a benefit based on limited time period study, this should put an end to any Governor claiming that mask mandates are backed by science and data, but it won’t.  As I noted in my flash report, people are already coming out with all kinds of BS criticisms of the trial. It is amusing in a sense, that people who just accepted all the mask modeling “research” without any quibbles or skepticism are finding all kinds of criticism directed at an actual randomized trial attempting to answer a real-life question–what is the effect of wearing a mask in the community.

The Danish study:


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