VAERS Reproductive Health Reports After Covid Shot

23 dec 2022 •Miscarriage 4,639 •Menstrual Disorders 35,590 •Vaginal/Uterine Haemorrhage (All Ages) 12,431 •Caesarean / Preterm Labour / Birth Difficulties / Premature Birth 895 •Stillbirths 150 *just remember that only 1 to 10% of the American population knows about Vaers and not everyone and not all doctors report side effects.

ChatGPT and the AIs

21 feb 2023 1 David Sacks breaks down how the safety layer of ‘ChatGPT is a Democrat’: “There is mounting evidence OpenAI’s safety layer is very biased… If you thought trust and safety were bad under Vijaya or Yoel, wait until the AI does it.” 2 Friedberg and Sacks discuss prompt-hacking ChatGPT to jailbreak DANContinue reading “ChatGPT and the AIs”

Founder of Shares Alarming Survey Results on Decidual Cast Shedding

Feb 8 2023 “In our dataset of just over 6,000 participants, we had 292 instances” Full Interview: NEW — FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf Says Emergency Use Authorizations Don’t Have an End Date Full statement: WCH backs the CAALM petition requesting the FDA update product labeling for C19 vaccines. 1️⃣ Add language clarifying that phaseContinue reading “Founder of Shares Alarming Survey Results on Decidual Cast Shedding”

Where is My Period?

Big Picture Films Why are women worldwide having their reproductive organs damaged? by James Patrick 01/05/2023 There are some stories that are so big that most people are not comfortable hearing them. They shut down and change the subject, because ignorance is preferable than to know a hard truth. That is the kind of storyContinue reading “Where is My Period?”


December 17th, 2022 This is the first UK documentary feature to look at the clash between women’s rights and gender ideology. In record time, gender ideology has captured the big institutions. The police, the political parties, the media, the universities and major corporations have taken up the cause in the name of inclusiveness. Gender ideologyContinue reading “ADULT HUMAN FEMALE”