Weaponization of Healthcare by the Global Supranational Crime Cartel

May 4 2023 A presentation by Alexandra ‘Sasha’ Latypova. Latypova is a former pharmaceutical industry executive and entrepreneur. The Spotlight ConferenceApril 15th, 2023Stavanger, Norway In both Moderna and Pfizer’s contracts, many areas are redacted. Redacted content has been given codes b (6) and b (4), standing for: (b) (6) Disclosure of information, including information ofContinue reading “Weaponization of Healthcare by the Global Supranational Crime Cartel”

How Psychology Was Weaponized To Suppress Truth In The Age Of COVID

12 sept 2022 My Interview by independent journalist Taylor Hudak We discuss my brutal confrontation with police, the weaponization of psychology to suppress dissenters as well as the prevailing corona narrative, modRNA technology and more. Direct links to the interview: Rumble Odysee YouTube: Already deleted, of course

‘Spartacus’: The Weaponization of Biotech Part 4

BY RHODA WILSON ON JULY 6, 2022  “The unregulated advancement of biotech is creating a new arms race and threatening our personal autonomy.” – Spartacus A document posted online under the name “Spartacus” went viral in 2021. The ‘Covid letter’ summed up the state of the ‘pandemic’ at the time, calling out the so-called ‘science’ attributed to Covid-19 and theContinue reading “‘Spartacus’: The Weaponization of Biotech Part 4”

Chinese Military Discussed Weaponizing COVID In 2015 ‘To Cause Enemy’s Medical System To Collapse’

BY TYLER DURDEN, MAY 09, 2021 In 2015, Chinese military scientists discussed how to weaponze SARS coronaviruses, five years before the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in Wuhan, China – where CCP scientists were collaborating with a US-funded NGO on so-called ‘gain of function’ research to make bat coronaviruses infect humans more easily. In a 263-page document, writtenContinue reading “Chinese Military Discussed Weaponizing COVID In 2015 ‘To Cause Enemy’s Medical System To Collapse’”