Runaway Virology – Marvin Wins In Court

May 9, 2023 I last interviewed Marvin Haberland in October 2022, when he was challenging a court fine in Germany. He had deliberately broken “corona” legislation to expose the fraudulent nature of virology. He argued that because virology does not follow the scientific method, any penalty notices issued under their Infectious Diseases legislation were illegal.  Marvin finally wentContinue reading “Runaway Virology – Marvin Wins In Court”

The New Body Soul Biology

oct 29 2022 the part 1 prequel of Biologist and marine biologist Dr. Stefan Lanka, who tells us the history of virology. He refutes previous knowledge about genetics, virology and cell theory. As a virologist, he looked into the previous concepts and understood that they are not correct. Most people believe in a terror biologyContinue reading “The New Body Soul Biology”


November 7th, 2022 The “Gain of Function” narrative is reaching all new heights. Boston University claimed they engineered a “virus” with an 80% lethality rate. But what actually killed these poor mice? Let’s have a look at some of the “fear-porn” promoters of these stories and why they are leading people astray with pseudoscience.

Time for a Paradigm Shift

18 oct 2022 The momentum is shifting, and the truth is coming to light! My mission is to help bring on the new paradigm of true medicine for all… and I’ve been busy at work!  Firstly, Team No Virus, namely Tom Cowan, Marc Bailey, Kevin Corbett, and I came together again to debunk the false virus storyContinue reading “Time for a Paradigm Shift”


[September 6, 2022 update: Following a week of controversy over Poornima Wagh’s background and credentials, Dr. Merritt shared her thoughts with Sons of Liberty podcast. We shared the interview part of that podcast episode here. You will also find links to Poornima’s response to questions about her background as well as to the “hit piece” articles.Continue reading “IT’S NOT JUST VIROLOGY THAT’S A SCAM. MOST OF PATHOLOGY IS ACTUALLY FRAUDULENT”


July 9th, 2022. Poornima Wagh, 2 PhDs in Virology and Immunology, 20 yr career as a Lab researcher and scientist, destroys the Covid scam with proof. Who benefits? Big Pharma and its owners (not shareholders), Gates, Fauci whom she calls criminals, using words like “fraudulent,” “deliberate,” “planned and premeditated.”

The Virus Cover Story with Jon Rappoport

July 12th, 2022. I’ve just interviewed the one and only Jon Rappoport, who launched his website over 20 years ago. Jon is now 84 years old but continues with his prolific output and is always at the forefront of exposing global scams.We talked about: identifying the COVID-19 fraud in early 2020 why he startedContinue reading “The Virus Cover Story with Jon Rappoport”