UN provides platforms with “guidelines” for regulating online speech

Pushing for regulation. Share The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is continuing with its efforts to crack down on online “misinformation.” In a press release, the organization announced it is working on “global guidelines” to help digital platforms fight misinformation. “As part of its mandate, UNESCO has launched a global dialogue to provide guidelines forContinue reading “UN provides platforms with “guidelines” for regulating online speech”

Stop the spread of conspiracy theories

Aug 4 2022 The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a worrying rise in disinformation and conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories can be dangerous: they often target and discriminate against vulnerable groups, ignore scientific evidence and polarize society with serious consequences. This needs to stop. Conspiracy theories cause real harm to people, to their health, and also to their physical safety.Continue reading “Stop the spread of conspiracy theories”

So many laws broken on so many levels – with Senior Lawyer Anna De Buisseret

Lawyer Anna de Buisseret talking about your rights under law. Everything being done at the moment is unlawful. Absolute lawlessness going on. Let’s bring some legal order back. Let’s fight for our human rights like we never did before. Let’s take the fight of our lives to them. This is the greatest battle of ourContinue reading “So many laws broken on so many levels – with Senior Lawyer Anna De Buisseret”