Jan 29 2023 If you are already on a journey towards data privacy and anonymous purchasing, loyalty cards need to become a thing of the past. They track your spending, location and might even sell your data without your knowledge. Protecting your data is not about hiding, it’s about making informed decisions on who hasContinue reading “DITCH LOYALTY, REWARD AND MEMBERSHIP CARDS”

Google Must Face Privacy Lawsuit for Tracking Children Without Parental Consent: Appeals Court

By Naveen Athrappully December 29, 2022  Google is set to face a class action lawsuit that accuses the tech behemoth of collecting information and tracking children’s behavior online without consent, according to the decision of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The lawsuit was filed in 2019 by children, through their parents, against Google, YouTube asContinue reading “Google Must Face Privacy Lawsuit for Tracking Children Without Parental Consent: Appeals Court”

Universal Basic Income Will Be Linked to Your Digital ID Which Will Be Linked to Your Social Credit Score – So Who’s Pushing For it?

BY RHODA WILSON ON SEPTEMBER 21, 2022 • ( 7 COMMENTS ) “A Universal Basic Income (UBI) is where a government pays all individuals a set salary regardless of their means. It guarantees a certain amount of money from the state without any requirement to work” In this article, wrote ThreadsIrish, I am not going to dig deep into the economic reasonsContinue reading “Universal Basic Income Will Be Linked to Your Digital ID Which Will Be Linked to Your Social Credit Score – So Who’s Pushing For it?”

Is this the Society You Want?

July 27th, 2022 Someone claimed my teachings imply you should all move to caves and dump any modern tech. This person is part of the naive sheep. Not truly understanding that not all technology is safe. Nor understanding what the true effects are of accepting everything as being part of normal society. When you reallyContinue reading “Is this the Society You Want?”

How to Beat Google at its Tracking Game

July 5th, 2022 Google is watching you. But is there a way to continue using Google platforms and services (like Youtube) without endangering your privacy? This is a practical guide that gives a compromise solution. It does not aim for privacy perfection but provides a solution that can blunt the tracking and spying while stillContinue reading “How to Beat Google at its Tracking Game”

Covid surveillance tech remains open to exploitation

Governments and private companies can still abuse all of the data they collected in the name of Covid. By Ken Macon June 18, 2022 During the pandemic, governments all over the world rolled out data tracking technologies, especially contact-tracing apps. According to technology policy experts, these technologies opened opportunities for corporations and governments to harvestContinue reading “Covid surveillance tech remains open to exploitation”

Bill Gates: Future Pandemics, Reducing the Population & Tracking Vaccines

By Michelle Edwards – January 19, 2022 Share On Tuesday, Bill Gates warned of pandemics yet to come that are worse than the current one. His comments come as he continues to push vaccines through his Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation (CEPI). Gates founded the global partnership—which is focused on developing vaccines—in 2017 in DavosContinue reading “Bill Gates: Future Pandemics, Reducing the Population & Tracking Vaccines”

UK vaccine recipients were secretly surveilled

A shocking revelation. By Ken Macon Posted 25 may 2021 The UK government tracked millions of people, without their knowledge, using their phones to gain insights into behavioral changes after vaccination, according to a new report. The government somehow insists the data collection was ethical and no privacy laws were broken. A report by the ScientificContinue reading “UK vaccine recipients were secretly surveilled”