Too many people are dependent on the system to revolt

They can’t bite the hand that feeds them ROAD TO LIBERATION APR 12, 2023 Intro I’ve wondered what exactly it will take for Americans, and more generally many countries in the world but particularly the US, to finally rise up. To say “that’s enough” and really start to revolt. A revolution against the powers thatContinue reading “Too many people are dependent on the system to revolt”


10 nov 2022 Part 1 May 29th, 2022. LAW FOR MANKIND SPECIAL MAY 2022 THE SOVEREIGN Part 2 nov 10, 2022 INTRODUCING: The Law For Mankind Open Q & A Clinic Your Biggest Questions About Law And Sovereignty Answered (Plus The 4 Keys We Discovered To Be Free In The World) Event Replay What DoContinue reading “LAW FOR MANKIND SPECIAL”


oct 2nd 2022 A unified pushback against the globalist agenda ONE STEP AT A TIME, hand in hand, we will walkout from the globalist society they are trying to enslave us. GLOBAL WALKOUT…has begun. STEP 5 – SHARE YOUR FLAG The fifth step of the global walkout is to display your country’s flag upside-down anywhereContinue reading “GLOBAL WALKOUT step 5”

GLOBAL WALKOUT step 4 is here

25 sept 2022 Today is step 4 of the global walkoutThe fourth step of the global walkout is to move as many accounts as you can to a union or local bank. Use these new accounts for your savings and transactions. If you run a business, move your business accounts as well and start payingContinue reading “GLOBAL WALKOUT step 4 is here

My Cycle Story: A Research Study

Your Cycle Story is Data We hear you. We are listening. We want answers too. Clinical Trials Did not Study COVID-19 Vaccine Effects on Women’s Reproductive Systems There have also been reports of reactions from women who have NOT received the COVID-19 Vaccine. We are studying both. We’re an independent research group that is going to collectContinue reading “My Cycle Story: A Research Study”