The Emergence of Neo-Fascism in Public Health

BY DAVID BELL  JUNE 14, 2022  PUBLIC HEALTH  5 MINUTE READ Fascism is the art of hiding the truth behind a facade of wholesome virtue. It is, presumably, as old as humanity. Mussolini just gave it a name – hiding his authoritarian ideas behind the drainage of swamps, village renewal, kids in school, and trains running on time. TheContinue reading “The Emergence of Neo-Fascism in Public Health”

The WHO is changing the name “monkeypox”…is it really because of racism?

Jun 16, 2022  Kit Knightly Yesterday Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the World Health Organisation (WHO), announced the WHO was officially changing the name of the monkeypox virus. This decision was allegedly taken due to “stigmatization” and “discrimination” of the current “inaccurate” name. I’m not sure how “monkeypox virus” can be an inaccurate nameContinue reading “The WHO is changing the name “monkeypox”…is it really because of racism?”