Miracles can happen!

Apr 27, 2023 Dr Natasha Campbell Mcbride joins me for an illuminating conversation about health and the Human body. She says, it has full ability to heal and maintain itself programmed into it! You must allow your body to use this divine programme. Anonymous video link: https://iv.ggtyler.dev/watch?v=he4WGcsUJ5A


January 26th, 2023. An illustration of how the chemical bombardment we currently face in our food has led to an increase in mental health issues, autism and depopulation.

Bugs are a vector for sickness and disease

9 aug 2022 You know those edible insects you keep hearing you’re gonna be eating soon? Well turns out, according to an extremely rigorous study, a whole host of parasites were found in the “livestock” of 81% of insect farms. Furthermore, in 30 to 35% of the farms studied, those parasites were pathogenic to animalsContinue reading “Bugs are a vector for sickness and disease”

WORLD ALERT: Why The Officials Ease C-19 Restrictions? They Want The Vaccinated To Catch 5G Radiation Sickness!

Addison Wilson 23 jan 2022 1 minute read The reality is that 5G is the new variant, and now they ease restrictions. The officials want the people to get exposed to 5G and catch the new variant, and they keep up with the control grid. You can’t be fooled by easing restrictions. Join The TrueContinue reading “WORLD ALERT: Why The Officials Ease C-19 Restrictions? They Want The Vaccinated To Catch 5G Radiation Sickness!”

What Pandemic?

FREE DOWNLOADThe latest issue of The Light We are spreading vital information not read in MSM. Opening eyes and minds, one by one. IN ISSUE 9/MAY 21Vaccines cause mass NHS worker sickness, 10 steps to mass mind control, Who the policing bill is for, Green agenda undermines energy security, Truth Pursuit, China’s belt and road,Continue reading “What Pandemic?”