The Psychology of Totalitarianism

 June 16, 2022 “Alternative voices are stigmatized by a veritable Ministry of Truth, which is crowded with “fact checkers.” Freedom of speech is curtailed by various forms of censorship and self-censorship; people’s right to self-determination is infringed upon by coercive vaccination strategies, which impose heretofore unthinkable social exclusion and segregation upon society.” Book:

The day the segregation began in NSW, Australia (comming soon to your country)

As of October 11, 2021, the rules below now apply to anyone over 16 who is not fully vaccinated.On-the-spot fines of $1000 (individuals) and $5000 (businesses) will apply for non-compliance: 💰💵 🚫 VISITING FRIENDSIf you’re not fully vaccinated, you can’t visit another person’s home, except in limited circumstances (eg childcare, helping someone move, caring forContinue reading “The day the segregation began in NSW, Australia (comming soon to your country)”

Act Now America: Say NO To Vaccine Passports

Passports usher in a new era of segregation and medical apartheid and must be opposed. Our Stand Countries around the world are rolling out plans for vaccine passports, certificates showing proof of vaccination for COVID-19. The aim of these documents is to afford certain basic privileges and living necessities to vaccinated individuals only; for example,Continue reading “Act Now America: Say NO To Vaccine Passports”