Anti-Fertility Vaccines & Population Control

Jan 4 2022, Many of the organisations that promote vaccine administration around the world are linked with population control agendas.Let’s dive into secret ingredient injections and experiments being done on humans and animals.Watch the video NOW:

How To Spot Covid-19 Misinformation

19 october, 2021 We seek answers from the so-called “authorities” about what defines Covid Misinformation…Also I will blow the lid on the publicly released TVNZ emails leading to my sacking as a TV show presenter.It’s unscripted comedy at it’s best! Dr. Sam Bailey 17 min video:

One of the biggest lies? Asymptomatic spread

MD Ramin Oskoui on asympomatic 2 min video: Covid 19: “Asymptomatic Transmission” Dr. Sam Bailey—Covid-19-Asymptomatic-Transmission-Small-Video-:e