Is ‘Extra-Terrestrial Invasion’ the next chapter in The Megalomaniac’s Handbook? Let’s not be duped this time.

DR TESS LAWRIE, MBBCH, PHD​ APR 18, 2023 Lately, have you felt like you are living a movie script? Well, this is because, to a large extent, we are. All that we are witnessing and experiencing has already happened – in Hollywood! Holy Wood was a place the druids of old went to cast spells,Continue reading “Is ‘Extra-Terrestrial Invasion’ the next chapter in The Megalomaniac’s Handbook? Let’s not be duped this time.”

Plandemic 3 – Mikki Willis Reveals All The Dirty Psyop Tricks of the Globalist Agenda

Mar 25, 2023 This is the big picture. The new documentary, the third in the Plandemic Series, is not a movie about exhausting numbers, says the producer Mikki Willis. He talks about how a non-governmental, overstate power tries to take control of all aspects of America, and probably the world, through social mass manipulation and psychological operations.Continue reading “Plandemic 3 – Mikki Willis Reveals All The Dirty Psyop Tricks of the Globalist Agenda”

A Manufactured Anxiety Crisis and the Attack on Freedom

BY DR MARK STEPHEN NESTI 24 JANUARY 2023 5:02 PM It’s official: according the latest news, young people in particular, and the population in general, are experiencing levels of anxiety never seen before. The data suggest that this is largely a phenomenon across countries in the wealthy West, and especially where extreme Covid policies have been enacted. Here inContinue reading “A Manufactured Anxiety Crisis and the Attack on Freedom”

INFOGRAPHIC: Key Revelations of the ‘Twitter Files’

Files reveal how the government pressured the social media giant into censoring a large number of accounts By Petr Svab January 17, 2023 Updated: January 18, 2023 Documents revealed by Twitter’s new owner, tech billionaire Elon Musk, show the social media company has been intertwined with a government–private censorship apparatus. Twitter suppressed or removed content on various subjects, including irregularities inContinue reading “INFOGRAPHIC: Key Revelations of the ‘Twitter Files’”


By Staff Writer January 5, 2023 Views: 90697 CDM has interviewed Sasha Latyapova multiple times regarding the vaccines. She is breaking big news now on the Covid ‘vaccines’ and the Department of Defense. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 5, 2022 New Docs Reveal Department of Defense Controlled COVID-19 Program from the Start FDA Vaccine Approval Process was Theater A combinationContinue reading “DOD CONTROLLED COVID ‘VACCINES’ FROM THE START UNDER NATIONAL SECURITY PROGRAM – LIED THE ENTIRE TIME – Were NEVER ‘Safe and Effective’”


December 31st, 2022. Dr. Robert Malone On —Twitter Files, Fifth Generation Warfare, and the COVID Vaccine Psyops Campaign. “Is it 10 billion or 13 billion, in the United States alone, that was employed in this—what else can you call it—psyops campaign?… The government felt that it was acceptable to deploy these military-grade technologies against allContinue reading “THE NEW BATTLEFIELD IS YOUR MIND-THE PSYOPS MEDIA CAMPAIGN”

Covid PsyOps Are Now Being Used for Climate Change

BY RHODA WILSON ON NOVEMBER 14, 2022 • ( 13 COMMENTS ) As the eco-zealot group Just Stop Oil continue to break the law and cause mayhem, perhaps it is time to investigate who is pulling the strings of this and other fake grassroots movements. Even a cursory glance will make it clear that the people behind it are not everyday membersContinue reading “Covid PsyOps Are Now Being Used for Climate Change”

A Message to Humanity: The Time for Silence is Over

By Tracy Beanz October 21, 2022 My fellow humans worldwide, the time for silence is over. I have been beating this drum for years now, but for some reason, the decision by a panel of 15 “doctors” at the CDC to place the COVID-19 shot on the childhood vaccination schedule has caused me to reignite my plea. The timeContinue reading “A Message to Humanity: The Time for Silence is Over”

HOW Covid Happened

July 9th, 2022. ⁣Title Says it all – HOW the world fell into Mass Formation. This finally closes any question remaining. For all the people who wonder: “but HOW did we overreact so much – HOW did all the experts go so crazy?” – well here is the full explanation, with incredibly expert Professor ofContinue reading “HOW Covid Happened”


May 17th, 2022. Recruitment video shared on YouTube by Fort Bragg’s 4th Psychological Operations Group-Airborne is an eerie red pill that shows the extreme manipulation that has been going on for decades. All wars have been psywars and they are no longer hiding it! Titled “Ghosts in the Machine,” the video feels like a movieContinue reading “GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE”

Behavioral control

and the end of the American dream. Robert W Malone MD, MS Jan 18 2022 Remember those Johns Hopkins Pandemic war games that occurred over the span of decades? Where the outcome usually ended in a need to control the populace, by which behavioral modification techniques are used to enforce cooperation from the populace. RightContinue reading “Behavioral control”

The Last Days of the Covidian Cult

Jan 18, 2022 CJ Hopkins This isn’t going to be pretty, folks. The downfall of a death cult rarely is. There is going to be wailing and gnashing of teeth, incoherent fanatical jabbering, mass deleting of embarrassing tweets. There’s going to be a veritable tsunami of desperate rationalizing, strenuous denying, shameless blame-shifting, and other formsContinue reading “The Last Days of the Covidian Cult”