Mexico’s President Obrador about vaccine : We need to be careful

July 31, 2021 Mexico’s President Obrador tells the public: “We need to be careful, as it’s obvious the pharmaceutical industry wishes to make a profit. And would like to keep always selling vaccines for everyone”. “We need to know if vaccines are needed or not.” 2 min video:

Minister says travel quarantine rules do not apply to ‘important people’

June 2021 ‘So people who want to go on holiday are not important. Is that what you’re saying?’ – Kay Burley’s challenge to media minister John Whittingdale The media minister has said that “people who are important” should be entitled to avoid tough quarantine rules when travelling to the UK. Speaking on Sky News, John Whittingdale wasContinue reading “Minister says travel quarantine rules do not apply to ‘important people’”

Tanzania’s Late President Magufuli: ‘Science Denier’ or Threat to Empire?

While his COVID-19 policies have dominated media coverage regarding his disappearance and suspicious death, Tanzania’s John Magufuli was hated by the Western elites for much more than his rebuke of lockdowns and mask mandates. In particular, his efforts towards nationalizing the country’s mineral wealth threatened to deprive the West of control over resources deemed essentialContinue reading “Tanzania’s Late President Magufuli: ‘Science Denier’ or Threat to Empire?”