The Truth about INFLATION

2nd September 2022 Governments lie about inflation. First, they claim that inflation is a rise in prices which is outside their control, and which they are struggling to hold back. This is the first lie. Inflation is caused by governments printing more money, and devaluing the stuff that is already in existence. If the governmentContinue reading “The Truth about INFLATION”

How lockdown robbed the poor to enrich the elite

ByKathy Gyngell April 22, 2022 APPARENTLY the wealth of the most affluent people in the world increased dramatically, by the trillions, in fact. That’s another piece of the puzzle. You’re saying that the laptop class, so to speak, got this focused protection as a result of the policy, also while being told that they were onContinue reading “How lockdown robbed the poor to enrich the elite”