COVID shots intended to reduce world’s population by poisoning ‘billions’: South African doctor 

‘The deaths that are meant to follow the vaccinations will never be able to be pinned on the poison. They will be too diverse, there will be too many, and they will be in too broad a timeframe for us to understand that we have been poisoned,’ said Dr. Shankara Chetty.  Dr. Shankara Chetty PatrickDelaneyContinue reading “COVID shots intended to reduce world’s population by poisoning ‘billions’: South African doctor “

DR Judy Mikovitis: Update On Vaccine Antidotes To Detox & Release Toxins

November 17th, 2021 34 min video: Vitamin D3 C NAC Honey&Black Cumin Zinc + (Elderberry GreenTea Quercetin Hydroxychloroquine Ivermectin) for COVID–19 Quick Guide to VitaD3&C NAC Honey&BlackCumin Zinc + Elderberry GreenTea & “Zinc Ionophores”  and more… click it read and consider with your physician. Take Now? ask your physician? New Covid-21 Spike Protein worse?!-  theContinue reading “DR Judy Mikovitis: Update On Vaccine Antidotes To Detox & Release Toxins”

Dr Shankara Chetty warns of the bigger plan

November 11, 2021 Dr Shankara Chetty is a world expert on the science and treatment of covid 19. He is also acutely aware of the covid-19 agenda which he describes in detail —- “This plan is to make sure that we can control and kill off a large proportion of our population without anyone suspectingContinue reading “Dr Shankara Chetty warns of the bigger plan”


Ever increasing amount of highly toxic elements, including Graphene nanoparticles are being dispersed in our skies daily, causing crippling diseases.Source : 5 min video:

Vaccine ingredients

“I gathered all vaccine ingredients into a list and contacted Poison Control. After intros and such, and asking to speak with someone tenured and knowledgeable, this is the gist of that conversation. Me: My question to you is how are these ingredients categorized? As benign or poison? (I ran a few ingredients, formaldehyde, Tween 80,Continue reading “Vaccine ingredients”

DEADLY SHOTS! Former Pfizer Employee Confirms Poison in COVID ‘Vaccine’

July 28, 2021 EXCLUSIVE! Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee and current analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, came forward with indisputable documentation that should be shared with the ENTIRE WORLD! 25 min video:

What COVID Injections Do To Your BLOOD

Stew Peters Show Published July 15, 2021 PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF! The shots being referred to as ‘vaccines’ are absolutely poisonous, and the proof is now here! | 11 min video:

The Actual Contents Inside Pfizer Vials

7 july, 2021 Scientists have examined the Pfizer ‘vaccine’ and what they found was HORRIFIC…It’s Poison! 15 min video:!:a

Hundreds of NHS staff form anti-vax group and label new Covid jabs ‘poison’

NHS Workers for Choice, No Restrictions for Declining a Vaccine insist they are not an anti-vaccine group but fear a coronavirus vaccine is a new ‘frozen virus’ NHS and care home staff in their hundreds have formed a group opposed to vaccinations, wearing masks and testing in hospitals. The 250 plus-member strong group, NHS WorkersContinue reading “Hundreds of NHS staff form anti-vax group and label new Covid jabs ‘poison’”