Off-Grid Homestead Bundle

sept 18 2022 What it is:The Off-Grid Homestead Bundle is a collection of 100+ high-quality ebooks, courses andguides for only $50. If bought separately, everything in the bundle would cost over $6000 intotal, making it a 99% discount! There is no catch, other than the bundle ends on the 25th ofSeptember, and all of theContinue reading “Off-Grid Homestead Bundle”

The Next Bigly Thing: Electroculture

ON 04/04/2018 Electroculture is much under-reported but extremely important area of technology that could transform the planet’s agricultural productivity quickly and at low cost. Publisher’s Note: We and others have been researching the effects of magnetic fields and electrons on seeds and plants for some time. It is certainly true that plants can be madeContinue reading “The Next Bigly Thing: Electroculture”