Bugs are a vector for sickness and disease

9 aug 2022 You know those edible insects you keep hearing you’re gonna be eating soon? Well turns out, according to an extremely rigorous study, a whole host of parasites were found in the “livestock” of 81% of insect farms. Furthermore, in 30 to 35% of the farms studied, those parasites were pathogenic to animalsContinue reading “Bugs are a vector for sickness and disease”


FOUR mechanisms of vaccine enhanced disease or VED arising after exposure to wild virus post Covid19 gene editing attempts: 1 Non neutralizing antibody-dependent enhancement leading to a more severe disease or ADE (or VADE) 2 Low quality, low quantity antibody-mediated immune enhancement leading to cytokine storm or AMIE 3 Post injection immune suppression leading toContinue reading “VACCINE ENHANCED DISEASE or PATHOGENIC PRIMING”