The Cult Of Ultimate Evil – Order-Followers & The Destruction Of The Sacred Feminine

January 29th, 2020. Everyone is always blaming, “the jews”. But what about the non Jews who they call “gentiles” who take orders without exercising conscience. The order followers.—The-Cult-Of-Ultimate-Evil—Order-Followers—The-Destruction-Of-The-Sacred-Feminine:6

Dr. Christiane Northrup and Mike Adams explore spirituality, covid compliance and mass OBEDIENCE

Dr. Christiane Northrup joins me to cover spirituality, mass obedience and why so many “new age” thinkers are failing to address the reality of the current situation:

Silent Obedience Will Destroy Us

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA The world is now divided into three camps. The first camp, which is the largest, contains the people who are terrified and who think lockdowns are a great idea. They honestly believe that if we don’t all stay indoors and keep the windows closed then the plague willContinue reading “Silent Obedience Will Destroy Us”

MASS HYPNOSIS: The disturbing psychology behind the global vaccine SUICIDE CULT

Monday, June 14, 2021 by: Mike AdamsBypass censorship by sharing this link: (Natural News) The global vaccine suicide cult is very real, and it’s a product of mass hypnosis combined with a widespread desire for self-annihilation. Driven to the point of insanity by crazed culture and the psychological terrorism of the mainstream media, many peopleContinue reading “MASS HYPNOSIS: The disturbing psychology behind the global vaccine SUICIDE CULT”