WHY Covid and Climate Ruined our World: The Full Explanation!

Jan 9 2023 Best talk I’ve ever seen on the history of WEF, Rockefeller, and all the institutions which have corrupted our world. This one needs to be shared with maximum prejudice , as it fully explains Covid19, the Climate Change Agenda, and so much more. A catastrophic loss of our freedoms will occur unlessContinue reading “WHY Covid and Climate Ruined our World: The Full Explanation!”

Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation

Quote from the article: Why all the secrecy? “They wanted to speak rich to rich without worrying anything they said would end up in the newspapers, painting them as an alternative world government,” he said. America’s richest people meet to discuss ways of tackling a ‘disastrous’ environmental, social and industrial threat John Harlow, Los AngelesContinue reading “Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation”

Next step in the new world order…or new normal

November 10, 2021 Mike Yeadon, ex-Pfizer head scientist sent this out Thursday. We are approaching Stage 5: Phase 5: Establish chaos and Martial law. (November 2021-March 2022) and most people still think we are going back to normal!? “The pathway to new world order … By Mike Yeadon (henrymakow.com) Phase 1: Simulate a threat andContinue reading “Next step in the new world order…or new normal”

New Study Analyzes Implementation of Agenda 2030 Personal Carbon Allowances

September 16, 2021 By Makia Freeman AT A GLANCE… THE STORY: While the world continues to go crazy over COVID, plans develop to create more systems of control based on the imaginary idea that limiting carbon output can save the planet. THE IMPLICATIONS: The manmade climate change scam is a bedrock NWO/Agenda 2030 scheme that willContinue reading “New Study Analyzes Implementation of Agenda 2030 Personal Carbon Allowances”

Building an Empire – The Vanguard Group

BY RHODA WILSON ON SEPTEMBER 9, 2021 • Listen Now  Along with BlackRock and State Street, Vanguard is considered one of the “Big Three” index fund managers that dominate corporate America, and ultimately the world. “If historical trends continue, a handful of giant institutional investors will one day hold voting control of virtually every large U.S. corporation,” said JackContinue reading “Building an Empire – The Vanguard Group”

BlackRock and Vanguard Own the World

by Dr. Joseph Mercola June 15, 2021 https://odysee.com/@mentealt:1/monopoly-an-overview-of-the-great-reset:7 STORY AT-A-GLANCE Big Pharma and mainstream media are largely owned by two asset management firms: BlackRock and Vanguard Drug companies are driving COVID-19 responses — all of which, so far, have endangered rather than optimized public health — and mainstream media have been willing accomplices in spreading theirContinue reading “BlackRock and Vanguard Own the World”