LEAKED VIDEO: Daily Mail Australia caught manufacturing fake news

4 min video : https://odysee.com/@RebelNews:9/leaked-video-daily-mail-australia-caught:e The leaked video was captured during a recent editorial meeting about the outlet’s pandemic reporting, and it perfectly illustrates why many have lost their trust in the people we expect to report the news accurately. Full story by Avi Yemini:¬†https://rebelne.ws/3rp8oeG

Mainstream media is ‘deliberately engaging in propaganda’ to control ‘the way you think’

Sky News host Cory Bernardi says “make no mistake”, the mainstream media is “deliberately engaging in propaganda” to change the way you think about politics, COVID-19, and climate change. ¬† Mr Bernardi said slowly, most news and media outlets have “dumped the news” in favour of “pop culture reporting”, but some have sunk as lowContinue reading “Mainstream media is ‘deliberately engaging in propaganda’ to control ‘the way you think’”