3 BOMBS DROPPED at Health and Freedom Dr. Judy Mikovits Mikki Willis

November 14, 2021 In a rare dual interview, Dr. Judy Mikovits and Mikki Willis, producer of the Plandemic Series and Author of Plandemic Series https://plandemicseries.com/ at the Health and Freedom Conference. We discuss who’s responsible, who’s caught and why the data will take them all down. 24 min video: https://rumble.com/vp6utd-november-13-20201-exclusive-3-bombs-dr.-judy-mikovits-mikki-willis.html

Fauci’s covid crimes aren’t his first “plandemic”

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How to Guard Against the Spike Protein Contagion Caused By The Covid Vaccinated

by Dr. Judy Mikovits POSSIBLE ANTIDOTE FOR THE V-SERUM AND THE CURRENT SPIKE PROTEIN CONTAGION State of the Nation Dr. Judy Mikovits (1 min. MP4 is attached) has revealed that the medical establishment has known all along about the antidote to the contagion – acontagion that is now being seen today by thousands of people who haveContinue reading “How to Guard Against the Spike Protein Contagion Caused By The Covid Vaccinated”