Globalists Want to Replace Children with Virtual Computer Fakes

BY RHODA WILSON ON JUNE 27, 2022  Artificial intelligence expert Catriona Campbell predicts virtual children will be commonplace within the next 50 years, which can help combat overpopulation. The virtual children would only exist within the metaverse, and parents would interact with them using high-tech wearables like gloves that can deliver tactile feedback to replicate physical sensations. ClimateContinue reading “Globalists Want to Replace Children with Virtual Computer Fakes”

Mark Zuckerberg loses $29bn overnight as people abandon Facebook

Net worth of Meta CEO plummets as company’s hopes shift to metaverse Anthony Cuthbertson Feb 3 2022 Mark Zuckerberg loses $6bn after Facebook outage as shares plummet Mark Zuckerberg saw $29bn (£21.4bn) wiped from his net worth when Meta share prices collapsed following its latest quarterly report. Shares of Meta dropped nearly 25 per centContinue reading “Mark Zuckerberg loses $29bn overnight as people abandon Facebook”

Film: Technocracy, Klaus Schwab and the Metaverse

January 5, 2022 By NEWS WIRE As Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum infamously said how in the future, “What you want you’ll rent, and it’ll be delivered by drone…. and you’ll own nothing and be happy.” And all of your new experiences will happen in the Metaverse.  What exactly do the hedge fund titans and digital oligarchsContinue reading “Film: Technocracy, Klaus Schwab and the Metaverse”