Difficult Times Ahead — How to Break Free From the System

STORY AT-A-GLANCE While natural medicine is often viewed with suspicion as something “novel” and “unproven,” it’s actually allopathic medicine that is the new kid on the block. Before John D. Rockefeller seized control over the medical industry 112 years ago, naturopathic-based herbal medicine, sun exposure and homeopathy were standard Today, the Rockefeller Foundation is partContinue reading “Difficult Times Ahead — How to Break Free From the System”


September 13th, 2021 Chapter One of a new documentary series about the occult history of the medical industrial complex, created by David Whitehead.Something is terribly wrong with our world. Deep down I am sure you feel it or you would not be watching a series like this. So strap yourself in. It is time weContinue reading “CULT OF THE MEDICS”

Politicizing medicine: FBI/DOJ/Court jail Dr Simone Gold for trespass

Posted by Eliyahu Tulshinski Thu, Jun 16, 2022 Judge weighed lack of remorse for deaths that didn’t happen Last month, an Ohio man was sentenced by a federal judge to 60 days in prison after he had to be restrained in his airplane seat with tape, during a flight in which he was,  drinking alcohol … came outContinue reading “Politicizing medicine: FBI/DOJ/Court jail Dr Simone Gold for trespass”