Did Vaccines Save Us from Disease?

How many people were actually dying before these injections rolled out? The Vigilant Fox 24 july 2022 We’ve all been led to believe that vaccines are the best thing since sliced bread, that they’ve saved humanity, and that if we did not widely use them, we would return to the Dark Ages, where people fallContinue reading “Did Vaccines Save Us from Disease?”


Were they really the greatest medical achievement? Absolutely not. BY JERM 17 JULY 2022 Riman Bystrianyk, who has been on my podcast before, co-authored the brilliant Dissolving Illusions in which they use official data to analyse and critique the history of vaccines. Here’s the summary. No vaccine, in human history, has successfully vaccinated against any virus. In fact, vaccinationContinue reading “A BRIEF HISTORY OF VACCINES”