Marxism: “You Will Own NOTHING and Be Happy”

In response to Globalist Marxism, it is time to develop parallel economies Robert W Malone MD, MS july 2 2022 A friend just told me that Linked-in suspended him for posting my Monkeypox Substack article.  Others have written to me that basically anything I write will get someone banned from Linked-in just for re-posting – including theContinue reading “Marxism: “You Will Own NOTHING and Be Happy””

An Eschatology of Victory

Post author By admin Post date October 28, 2021 Conservatives are facing an uphill battle. Marxists are running all of the major corporations: from Hollywood to San Francisco, Coca-Cola to Starbucks, from Google to Facebook, the corporations have been infiltrated by ideologues.  It’s times like these that conservatives need to ask themselves some serious questions about the current situation. Why are all the major global brandsContinue reading “An Eschatology of Victory”