Thousands of anti-vaccine passport protestors

London: Thousands of anti-vaccine passport protestors march through London over government’s ‘Plan B’ that could see Covid passes introduced in nightclubs and sports eventsProtestors marched through Piccadilly Circus in the centre of the city at around 1pm, holding signs reading ‘no vaccine passports’. Few wore face coverings as they walked through the busy streets. reading “Thousands of anti-vaccine passport protestors”

World Wide Demonstration 2.0 May 15th (how to join)

🇺🇸 US State May 15th 2021 •World Wide Demonstration 2.0 •Freedom, Peace & Human Rights Telegram group 🇺🇸 USA • Group ( • 🆕🇺🇸 AK Alaska • Request ( •🇺🇸 AL Alabama • Group ( • 🆕🇺🇸 AR Arkansas • Group ( • 🆕🇺🇸 AZ Arizona • Channel ( • 190+🇺🇸 CA California • GroupContinue reading “World Wide Demonstration 2.0 May 15th (how to join)”


On the 20th March 2021 the WORLD UNITED, humanity got on their feet! Once again we are uniting worldwide on the 15th May 2021 for the next World Wide Rally For Freedom in London, Manchester and also Bristol. There is a Unite For Freedom Rally on the 29th May, two weeks after the World WideContinue reading “WORLD WIDE RALLY FOR FREEDOM”